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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

New Super Mario 4” Figure Toy Collection For True Fans | JAKKS Pacific

  Super Mario Figures

There are lots of Mario fans around the world and we never get enough adventures with this funny guy and his gang! Recently JAKKS Pacific released new figures inspired by Super Mario game. New Super Mario 4” Figure collection includes 5 Super Mario characters like Captain Mario, Captured Hammer Bro and Lakitu.

  Super Mario Figures

We had a chance to play with some toys from the collection and were impressed with quality and design. First one is Captain Mario 4" Action Figure. It comes with bonus accessory, red moon which guides the Captain through his adventures. This figure has 13 points of articulation. Teddy likes it and counted all of them multiple times. Legs and hands of the toy move, you can make  different funny poses. We also like Captain's hat, looks great on Mario.

Second toy we had an opportunity to play is Captured Hammer Bro Action Figure. It comes with a hummer accessory and has 9 points of articulation. Captured Hammer Bro toy can hold his hammer in his right hand. Legs, hands and a head move easily, make is possible to set the toy in different poses, like it is jumping, running or sit looking around.

We like how Super Mario 4” toys made with an attention to slightest details. Like hair, mustache, outfit, buttons - they all look like just stepped out from the game screen. These toys are similar the on-line versions of the characters but in real life. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, these new Super Mario 4” Figures make a wonderful gift to play or as display items for kids and adults. You can get just one Mario toy or collect all 5 characters. These figures have excellent quality, made of good materials and sturdy. The colors of the toys are bright and vivid.

  Super Mario Figures

All these Super Mario 4” Figures are available in all major toy stores across North America, on-line and in retail stores. For more information about Super Mario figures and other special collections, please visit JAKKS Pacific!

Super Mario Figures

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