.@TeddyOutReady: October 2020

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Wobble Chair Ergonomic Active Sitting Stool 💻 Perfect For Home and Office 🏠 | #AnthroDesk

As the weather is getting cold we start thinking about making our home office more comfortable to work for long hours. Before back to school, during summer, we used to spend more time outside and our desks were abandoned for outdoor fun, fishing and cottage adventures. 

These days Teddy spends a lot of time attending his on-line school and most of his after-school activities are held on-line too. With increasing demand for working from home our chances to get fit and follow a healthy lifestyle are becoming smaller. So, we considered a few options including getting a standing desk and more comfortable and ergonomic chairs for a better back posture. 

I liked the idea to try Anthrodesk Wobble Chair, because it is designed to keep a person active even when you sit. Considering how much time we spent in front of our screens, this chair would be a good investment into your health!

When the chair arrived, it was easy to assemble. It have a sturdy base, stable one. It is hard to put the chair down but if you need to move from one spot to another then this Wobble Chair works it's best. 

I think for Teddy this chair became a good fit too, it helps him easily to switch between one activity to another, like from a laptop to drawing, music sheets and books even though he does not use a standing desk. 

For others in our home Anthrodesk Wobble Chair helps to keep core muscles busy, since the chair requires balance and stability, When you balance the wobble chair, you engage your bum. And while stabilizing it, you keep the core muscles working. Since my major concern is back problems and the back posture, this Wobble Chair  keeps my pelvis, the back and around the stomach muscles busy. 

It is easy to regulate the chair height, Anthrodesk Wobble Chair has adjustable height ranging from 22" to 33". You can change it using special buttons under the seat. I like the chair design, looks pretty stylish and neat to fit an urban style or an office environment. The base diameter is 14" and it can hold up to 150 kg. Our chair is blue but there are two more colors to choose from: red and black!

I also appreciate the soft fabric top to sit conveniently for everyone in our family. Plus the opportunity to lean in any direction, stretch or bend your legs if needed.

Anthrodesk Wobble Chair is available at office and home retailers across Canada like Staples and Walmart for around $160. You can also easily get it directly from Anthrodesk store or Amazon.ca including free shipping!

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