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Saturday, May 9, 2020

DOLITTLE is The Doctor Who Can Talk To Animals | #DolittleMovie


When a doctor can talk to animals, it is considered a super power, especially from Iron Man himself. The recent Universal movie release Dolittle is about the one. The story takes us to 19th-century England where Dr. John Dolittle lives behind the high walls of his lush manor. The doctor lost his wife Lily in a tragic accident when her expedition went wrong. Grieving, he spends most of the time with exotic animals that he speaks to on a daily basis. A duck, a gorilla, an ostrich, a polar bear, a giraffe, a fox and others are doctor's best friends.

One day two visitors come to break doctor's solitude. The fist one is a boy with a wounded squirrel to heal and the second is a girl, the queen's maid, asking to help the Queen Victoria. Reluctant to do any changes in his life, Dolittle agrees to hep both visitors, after animals insisted that they can lose the manor if something happens to the Queen.

After visiting the young Queen Victoria who became gravely ill, Dolittle finds out she was poisoned, and the cure can be found on the only island. Lily, Dolittle's wife, died trying to find that island. But Dolittle did not have any choice as they must save the Queen and the only way is to get to that mythical island to find the cure.


The journey of Dolittle and his crazy team was not smooth, in opposite, it was full of adventures, hardship and learning. Everyone has to use their skills, communicate with each other and fight fears. Many people and animals during their journey were eager to help but some wanted a revenge like a tiger on a pirate island or Rassouli, Lily's father.

The movie is full of funny jokes and amusing moments. We liked how Dr. Dolittle summarize every day showing the results. What progress was made, which and how fears are beaten and how he supports his animals.

Throughout the film I had a feeling that Dr. Dolittle and his friends will find Lily, doctor's wife, because no one saw her after the ship wreck and the only thing left after that dreadful expedition was her diary ...

Dolittle Movie is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital. The release comes with bonus features like Talk to the Animals, Becoming the Good Doctor and more.
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