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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Own It All Book by Andrea Isabelle Lucas 📕 Stop Waiting and Start Creating Your Life | Mango Publishing

Own It All

Own It All book is written by Andrea Isabelle Lucas, founder and CEO of Barre & Soul. When I first time saw it in list of self-development books, I thought it would make a nice read. In the book Andrea shares her experience form being in abusing relationship to becoming an owner of profitable business. It did not come overnight, everything Andrea reached took years of learning, practicing and creating. While she continues to learn and grow, Andrea encourages women (and men) to own their life by stop waiting for someone else to create the perfect life for you. Take your right to create the life you want and live how you want without spending it on mundane tasks, regretting and blaming everyone around.

Everyone has own problems, life circumstances and abilities, and only you know what life you want to live and to make you happy. The book offers practical guidance on how to do and be who you really want to be. You do not need to compare yourself to other people's success and happiness because it is their success and we have to create our own happiness. For example, I like the advice that we need to learn to say "No" more often, because if I say "Yes" to every opportunity, problem and help call, I would end up my days fixing other people problems exhausting myself. I also learned that if you want to move forward you must take risks, then another and another one. Without risks, which like stir the guts in your stomach and scare you to some point, you remain at the same stage of your life.

The book also covers how to let your past go, in case  you regret something you did or was embarrassed, try to acknowledge it and be proud of it because it is what to made who you are right now. Yes, own you past and let it go. There are lots of ideas and practical advice are shared in the book. It is split by categories, like Own Your Relationship, Own Your Health, Own Your Career and others. There are many interviews and stories from other people who live their lives and shares their experiences how they did it. I realized that some practical advice Andrea shared I already use in my life, only to ensure that everything else she inspires is going to work for me too.

Each chapter includes spreadsheets  with questions and lines to fill right away for the readers. The book encourages you not to wait and start taking actions immediately. By writing first steps you make a move forward the life you want to live. If you feel lost or simply have no idea where to start, this situation is also covered in the book. Try to think what makes you happy, which activities, people or places, interaction bring you joy. You can even think what you feel envious about, someone perfect life style, travel adventures or special skills. That means you want these things incorporate in your life, you would not envy something you did not like for yourself.

Own It All book is a good source of guidance and support, it gives answers to many questions and encourages you to take control of your life.

For more information about the author Andrea Isabelle Lucas and Barre & Soul, please visit https://andreaisabellelucas.com!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Shaped Rubber Bands Transform Back To Original | Incredible Novelties

Shaped Rubber Band

Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets are colorful and cute bands for kids to play. These are parents' favorite toys but this time the bracelets come as collectibles and split by different categories! The most amazing feature of these bracelets that they transform back into the original shape after you take them off.

Shaped Rubber Band

These new rubber band bracelets are available in adorable animals and trendy shapes. They are made of new and improved material to maintain their shapes no matter how hard and often you stretch them.  Kids can collect all the different themed packages of rubber bands to wear and trade with friends! Each package includes six rubber bands. Teddy got Ocean Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets to play. It includes the bands in the shapes of dolphin, fish, octopus, seahorse, jelly fish and a penguin. Although Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets designed for children over 3 years old, they are prefect items for adults too.

Shaped Rubber Band

These Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets can be used as old-fashioned rubber bands. In the office, at school or home they easily stretch to hold stationary like pens or pencils, store promotional items, keep little toys together and storage boxes closed. And of course, Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets can be worn as bracelets, plus you can make a cute gift to your colleagues or school mates with a creative touch if they like animals or fun shapes. These bracelets are perfect for themed parties and gatherings. You can wear them all on one hand or just one based on your mood or preferences. For example, Teddy wore his blue penguin bracelet to cheer up for Toronto Maple Leafs and will wear his green bracelet on St. Patrick's Day.

Shaped Rubber Band

Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets are available for $3.99 at Toys R Us, Mastermind and Indigo. Incredible Novelties is very proud to bring these bands back to the market.

Shaped Rubber Band
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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum Now Airing on TVO Kids | #XavierRiddle

Xavier Riddle TVO KIDS

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum is a comedy-driven animated adventure based on Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos’ best-selling kids’ book series, Ordinary People Change the World

Follow the adventures of Xavier, Yadina, and Brad, as they travel back in time to meet famous heroes of the past and learn how to be their own heroes of the present! Young explorers spend some time with prominent historical characters to learn the skills they have and what lead them to the future success. While museum environment might be still in real life but not in the series. Everything there is in action and live. Xavier, Yadina, and Brad get great opportunities to meet and talk to Johann Sebastian Bach, Marie Curie, Mary Shelly, Harry Houdini,George Washington Carver, Charles Dickens, Amelia Earhart, Zora Neale Hurston and many others! Young learners also learn about history countries, traditions and languages during their travels!

Xavier Riddle TVO KIDS

In each episode, the adventurous trio is presented with a social-emotional problem that young viewers can relate to. In order to help solve this problem, Xavier, Brad and Yadina deliberately turn to the Secret Museum: a bat-cave style room hidden beneath an ordinary museum, which allows them to travel back in time to meet real-life inspirational figures of the past when they were kids. Historical heroes were once ordinary kids, just like you and me. They had fears, they had doubts, and they had everyday difficulties. Likewise, it’s our belief that every kid has the makings of a hero inside of them. By making strong emotional connections between our inspirational figures as children and our three main characters, Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum strives to show kids that they, too, can be heroes.

Xavier Riddle TVO KIDS

Xavier is that slightly weird kid and unspoken leader of our trio. He’s the one who rushes headfirst into adventure, even if he has no idea where it will lead. Especially, if he has no idea where it will lead! He’s insatiably curious and will do whatever he must to satisfy that curiosity. He’ll also do whatever it takes to get a laugh; Xavier loves telling jokes, he’s the stand-up comedian of the group. 

Like her older brother, Yadina is always up for an adventure - she loves travel (the geographical-kind and the temporal-kind), trying new foods and learning new customs. She’s very extroverted, not a wallflower at all - but she’s still just six. She’ll get hungry or tired all of a sudden, and then have to have a nap or eat RIGHT NOW! She hates mean-ness of any kind and will let that mean-person know exactly what she thinks of them.

The series is for a kid like Brad. The kid who needs to be shown, and then reminded, that the historical figures we call “great” or “heroes” were all human beings with fears, flaws and doubts just like him. One of the reasons Brad keeps going on these often dangerous and terrifying adventures with Xavier is that when he returns, he feels bolder, braver - and Xavier knows Brad had these qualities within him the whole time.

You can watch the series on PBS KIDS and TVOkids in Canada. For more information on the books that inspired the series, please visit: https://www.ordinarypeoplechangetheworld.com/

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