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Monday, August 24, 2020

Canamasq Face Mask with Transparent Insert and Heat-Reducing Features | Back To School

Wearing a mask can help to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses. It is recommended to use face masks to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. While recent news bring so much hope and confidence in putting coronavirus spread under control, we still need to follow all the necessary precautions and use Personal Protective Equipment. Back to School is just around the corner and everything slowly comes back to normal after the lock-down. But new normal becomes wearing masks and social distancing. Considering that more people go back to work, students and teachers start a new school year, more protective gear is needed for everyday use. 

There is a wide variety of masks and other protective equipment now available on the market. Cloth, plastic, reusable and washable - everything to make sure they fit your needs. I would like to share the relatively new type of mask - Canamasq. It is a face mask with transparent insert and great heat-reducing features. I think everyone experienced communication issues at some level while wearing face masks. Sometimes it is hard to understand what another person is saying, it can happen everywhere, in stores while shopping, at school, at work, outside in the park or on the street.

The main purpose of this mask is to help hard of hearing or deaf people, seniors and kids to make communication easier. It is designed to have a transparent mouth feature, so that mask's wearer expressions are visible. It does not seem to make much difference but for a kid who wants to see a parent's smile or for a hard of hearing person relying on lip reading it means a lot.

I like that the mask is thin, breathable and has better filtration characteristics than regular masks. It also helps to reduce heat. You can notice that the cover is smooth, and it is soft inside. Canamasq combines 56% cotton and 44% polyester and offers anti-fog coated polyethylene window insert.

I think Canamasq can be very helpful in many situations. When I first saw it on TV, I thought what a great idea to have a mask with a transparent insert.

Canamasq also offers adjustable ear loops to help with pressure behind the ears which comes up when wearing a mask for extended periods of time. You can adjust the mask to the desired length.

The mask should be washed by hand with soap and warm water. While I like the Canamasq's design and the amazing fabric combination it is made of, I think it would be better to stitch the edges for frequent washes. 

Canamasq retails for $10 per mask and can be purchased at canamasq.com. I hope more colors will come up in the nearest future.
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