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Friday, January 31, 2014

Furby Boom - Funny Toy with Personality

An enormous number of toys are coming out every year to bring fun and excitement to kids. And every year they are becoming more interesting and sophisticated: new versions, designs and colors.

Furby Boom

After launching in 1998, Furby continues to entertain kids and adults with new models, features and enhancements. Their latest Furby Boom brought lots of amazing new advancements. Furby became even more interactive, with more personalities to experience and activities to enjoy. Furby Boom is no longer simply a toy, these days it is a combination of an App, Furby Boom plush and constant interaction. First, Furby Boom wants to get a name, he remembers it and refers to it later. We named ours “Taco”. It was fun to feed Furby with a finger, tickle him and hear all those funny sounds. It's an amazing thing that you can shape Furby’s personality - your Taco's personality develops, depending on how you treat him: nice and lovely or angry and grumpy.
Furby Boom
Another interesting feature - Furby Boom can have babies, digital furblings. I think taking a parental role is great for kids, even through the on-line game. Ours were so involved in collecting and hatching the eggs. Plus all furblings are different and so colorful with stripes, dots and waves. You can grow up to 50 eggs in total and create a whole Furby Boom City. To continue parenting adventures, Furby Boom needs to be fed, cared and groomed. And funniest thing he has to be taken to a virtual toilet. If you want Furby Boom to fell asleep you need to pull his tail for 10 secs, easy and fast, no lullaby required.
And how about winning interactive, lovely and funny toy with personality? One lucky person will receive a PTPA Award-Winning Furby Boom. The giveaway is open to US & Canadian residents only and ends February 14, 2014. Good Luck, everyone!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Hugo the Happy Starfish - Magic Words Ebook Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
 photo HUGOTHEHAPPYSTARFISH_zpsc00a4d3f.jpg
Hugo the Happy Starfish is young and full of energy. Everything seems so interesting around and he is ready to explore the world with his friends. But why his friends suddenly decide to leave him, and he has to make his journey alone? After reaching the island, hungry and tired Hugo asks for food and receives the reply in the same tone. Then on the search of water Hugo tries to skip the lineup and stand first, he is taken away and placed on a tree. And then even the tree is angry with his presence. Was Hugo polite, friendly and respectful? No. Through his island adventures Hugo learns a lot about respect and politeness. He finds that it is very important to treat others the way he wants to be treated by others.
 photo HUGO_zpsab928aec.jpg

It was nice read with my little one about Hugo the Happy Starfish adventures on the Island of Respect. My boy leant that it is important to say Magic Words like ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’ which on the Island of Respect can get you almost everything. I think that Teddy even recognized himself in some Hugo situations but good thing that kids can learn to be better, respectful and polite. We found the story is very exciting, every page was very interesting to read with anticipation “What is next?” Illustrations are very colorful and characters were very much liked by our pre-schooler.

For more information about the author Suzy Liebermann and other Hugo adventures please visit Hugo the Happy Starfish web site.

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5:2 and Training E-book Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Training 5:2

New Year is a good start to change your health, weight and appearance for better and I decided to do so. There are numerous programs and systems to help with that, and I truly believe they work if only follow the instructions and the routine. So to get rid of some holiday pounds I turned to 5:2 and Training – the program created by Niclas Brunnegård. It is a combination of 5:2 diet, meal plans and exercises. The 5:2 diet is based upon the principal of intermittent fasting, where you fast for 2 days and eat normally for 5 days. Note that fasting days do not need to be one after another.

To get started you just need to have a kitchen scale, the right food to get the required calories limit during fasting days (ladies need 500). Second part is the exercise programs which definitely compliment the 5:2 diet with links to video tutorials. They are very short and highly intensive. The workouts include heart rate-based strength training and need to be done three times per week.

As for diet I found that I can manage it well and stick to meal plan, as for workouts I found them a little bit challenging but they really make you feel good. The Niclas’ program works not only for people willing to lose weight but also who eager in improve their health, well-being, live longer and lead active lifestyle. Would you like to win a copy of Niclas Brunnegård e-book, then just fill the Rafflecopter form below and Good Luck.The giveaway is open WW and ends February 11,2014.

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 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Mystery Toy Bag of Swag Giveaway US

 photo mystery_zps1744f91b.jpg

Welcome to the Mystery Toy bag of Swag giveaway! This is brought to you by some fabulous bloggers who just want to give back to our readers! For a chance to win, just enter the easy Rafflecopter form below!  Good Luck!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Adventures at San Antonio Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa #HR_HillCountry

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa we visited, is located 20-minutes away from downtown San Antonio, Texas. Built on the Rogers-Wiseman Ranch, the resort brings a ranch atmosphere you can find around in décor, paintings, building design and even names. With 500 luxuriously comfortable rooms with elegant furnishings San Antonio Hyatt Resort welcomes families to experience the beautiful Hill Country.

We arrived to the resort on Saturday morning, January 4th. It was warm and sunny, about 20C. After ice storm in Toronto, warm weather, cactuses and palms everywhere were like another world to us. The lobby was very nice, styled in ranch theme with wood-burning fireplaces, beautiful furniture and chandeliers.

Our room turned out to be on fourth floor with a long balcony what we really liked. A bedroom and living room were very big in comparison to rooms in other hotels we visited before. Lovely furniture, paintings, comfortable chairs in both rooms made us feel very welcome. Two TVs in each room were very helpful too, so we could watch what we wanted. The bathroom was quite big too with large mirrors, non-slip mat and full size body wash, soaps, shampoo and conditioner enough for three of us to have a nice bath time(forget about tiny soaps you cannot even hold in your hands).

Activities for kids

We definitely headed outside to check what was around the resort. The playground was the first Teddy wanted to play in, pretty similar to our Canadian ones, so my boy was happy to take a slide, run and climb there. The Hill Country has the amazing Rowdy's Camp Hyatt for kids, that combines Texas traditions, crafts and fun activities for children ages three to twelve. While parents spend time at the spa, practicing golf or riding FlowRider® wave machine, kids enjoy playing, swimming, and learning new things about Texas and the Wild West. Good thing that children can join the camp for morning, afternoon, evening sessions and even for the whole day. Besides that Teddy participated in craft activities every morning, coloring stuffed animal and a snake. He also took bike rides every day, I think he enjoyed them a lot bicycling along the palms and cactuses. In the evening (while it was still warm outside) we all enjoyed eating S’mores by the Fire and then watching an outdoor movie.  

Golf Club
San Antonio Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa

There are lots of activities and we did not have a chance to try them all because of timing and the season, but one of our favorites was Hill Country Golf. Featuring a 200-acre, 27-hole championship golf facility, the Hill Country Golf Club offers a fabulous family friendly golf program. From beginners to professionals everyone has a chance to play on the ranked the #1 Texas golf destination with the best equipment. Isn’t amazing that all family members can play together, regardless of golf experience and abilities? The most important that everyone can play with no exception, as the Hill Country Golf has the equipment for both kids and adults. Teddy’s first try with golf club looked like he was playing hockey, it took some time to learn the right posture, properly hold the club and other rules. Overall it was interesting and fun playing together.  


Windflower the Hill Country Spa is one of the best getaways to experience the luxurious delight of Texas herbs and wildflowers. Get healed, recharged and relax at the Texas ranch spa where you can find absolutely glamorous treatments like aunt Mary’s ranch remedy, Romance at the ranch, Texas heat retreat, Firm my hide with cactus wrap and extracts or Rancher’s skin-care treatment along with common spa favorites. My choice was morroccanoil hydration ritual, which took around 90 minutes of stone facial massage, a full-body exfoliation, orange peel scrub and then a full body warm massage with morroccanoil. After being winter-tortured my skin was finally healed. Other spa facilities includes sauna, a steam room, a pool, a snack bar and more, I had not even tried everything I wanted, may be next time when I decide to go on rejuvenation adventures.  

Water Fun

Hill Country is the first Texas hotel to have a FlowRider® wave machine on its property. The exciting new attraction simulates a “barrel-less” wave and if you visited Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, you probably already familiar with this attraction and how it works. During our stay some people were surfing on FlowRider® even though it was about 10-15C outside. I can say it was really cool. Other attractions to take a look at are 22 foot Water Slide and the Water Park witha 950-foot Ramblin’ River, an activity pool equipped with water volleyball and basketball, an adults-only Texas-shaped pool, 2 hot tubs and a zero-entry kiddie wading pool. You can swim, float make splashes and enjoy your water time. I like that all water facilities are close to each other, what is very convenient.  

San Antonio Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort was one of the best places to try delicious Texas and Mexican cuisine. There were different restaurants to visit in between activities during the day and beautiful fine dining in the evening. From locally sourced products it was fabulous culinary adventures to try steaks and burgers Texas style, chorizo grits, fish tacos, Tex Mex, nachos, salads, pies and tarts. The food served was always fresh and the staff was nice and friendly. The restaurants atmosphere and style are designed to give people the most comfortable environment so that people come there to enjoy delicious food and have great service.

Overall Hyatt Hill Country is definitely one of the most exciting places to visit, their exceptional hospitality, fabulous amenities, golf club, spa and activities make it a fantastic family destination.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brenese Ageless Rejuvenating Cream for Natural Beauty

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.  
I like the products made of natural ingredients especially when it comes to skin care. Recently I was offered to try Brenese Ageless Rejuvenating Cream. It is a fabulous combination of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Cacao Butter as major ingredients. The cream nourishes the skin, prevents premature wrinkles and facial lines, also a good moisturizer and balances the oil present in the skin.

Brenese Cream

Since it is a butter cream, it is very thick and not like mostly regular creams I use. To apply it you need to warm it up first. While using the cream I noticed significant changes in my skin. I like that it  started to rejuvenate and glow, and while I do not have deep wrinkles my facial lines became less visible. Plus I receive fast and effective moisturizer for my dried out by winter weather skin. The cream is very effective and helps to create radiant look. It should be used twice a day morning and evening for good results.


I think Brenese Ageless Rejuvenating Cream is one of the products I really like a lot because it works for my skin and gives visible results. With age the youthful appearance is more like hard work and should not be taken for granted. Great that we have products like Brenese to take care of it.

For more information, you can check Brenese web site and find them on Facebook and Twitter.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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My Tot Clock Giveaway US


My Tot Clock is an all-in-one sleep aid, alarm clock, nightlight, and timer for children ages 2+. The face of the clock lights up in different colors telling your child when it's time to sleep (blue lights) and when it's okay to get up (yellow light).

There's also a light blue light for nap time, a red light for time-outs, and a green light for positive timed activities. My Tot Clock plays bedtime stories, lullabies, white noise and fun wake up music. Read the full review on Livin' The MOMMY Life.  
And now giveaway time, 1 Lucky winner will receive a My Tot Clock. The giveaway open to US residents only and ends January 31,2014.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lost Civilizations: 10 Societies that Vanished Without a Trace Book

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Lost Civilizations

Lost Civilization is one of the new books of Michael Rank about 10 greatest societies that vanished without a trace and their disappearance still give historians food for thoughts. Two years ago we visited the exhibition Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World. That time we were impressed with Mayan political and cultural development, housing and agriculture and their calendar marking the end of the world. Mayan civilization did not disappear in one day; the process went slowly over the centuries.

the Mayas Exhibition

After reading the book I learned about the civilizations some of them existed for longer times but then disappeared with no clue what finally happened to them. I read about Atlantis, The Indus Valley Civilization and many others and I came to the point that most of them came to the decline stage and vanished after reaching the peak in their development following the cycle – birth, development, decline, and death. Another interesting thing to read was why one civilization followed abrupt and fast disappearance when another had a slow and long process. Civilizations disappear for different reasons and Michael Rank’s book gives explanations and explores the conditions under which they vanished without the trace. I like that the author makes comparison to the current world and see some similarities in modern situations. Even the most technologically and culturally advantageous (for their time) civilizations came to decline what definitely sends a strong message to us, hope we will not end up with the same fate.

You can find this book on Amazon, I ensure that it is very interesting to read and not very long.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kinder Crack’n Win Contest - From Little Surprises to Big Wins #KinderMom

When speaking about winning things I consider myself a pretty lucky person. Last year I won various items like $2,000 from Toshiba in Pinterest contest which then turned into 3D Smart TV, a stroller, Kettler Tricycle, books, Cds, software, tickets to the shows, toys, diapers and multiple Gift Cards. I think winning contests is a great way to learn about new things and an opportunity to try something different. After winning 3D Smart TV we fell in love with 3D movies and finally were able to see the astonishing 3D views of Titanic, Beauty and the Beast, Smurfs, RIO and other fantastic movies. I think it was one of our favorite wins, not only because of pricing but also the experience it brought. It was an absolutely surprise win, plus the company paid all the taxes and shipped the TV. I found that luck is always related to action, the more you enter the more you win, same happens in life and business.

 photo TeddyKinder2014_zps21dab316.jpg

This year we started with a trip to Texas, and what was a nice surprise to receive Kinder Eggs upon our return. My boy is very excited with new Kinder 2014 toys collection, he already prepared a box for new toys. Kids love surprises and can you only imagine how much joy it was when we once brought Kinder Eggs to a kids hockey game and even more exciting during friends gatherings.   

 photo KinderEggs2014_zps7963fee9.jpg

To celebrate the launch of new toy collection Kinder has an amazing contest Crack’n Win right now. There are over $2.4 million in prizes to be won and entering is very easy. Simply look for specially-marked Kinder Surprise products in stores (they should have Crack’n Win on it). Inside each specially-marked Kinder Surprise egg, you will find a PIN on the toy or toy leaflet within the capsule. Then visit the Kinder® Canada Facebook Page  and enter your PIN code.

 photo KinderCracknWin_zpsc1f6a6c3.png

I was at different stores this week and all of them have Kinder Crack’n Win eggs. So what are the prizes? One lucky Kinder fan will win a Fiat 500 POP! Two lucky Kinder fans will win a family trip to Orlando, over 27,000 Kinder fans will win a family night out to the movies, and 201,000 fans could win a free Kinder treat! Good luck, everyone, and share your wins with us, we will cheer with you!

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Maple Leaf Monster Jam in Toronto this week-end #MonsterJam

Northern Nightmare

Want to beat the winter blues and cheer up to the fullest, then we have good news – Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour comes to Toronto this week-end! Get ready for the jumps, spins and roar from fan favourite trucks including Northern Nightmare driven by Cam McQueen, Grave Digger®, El Toro Loco, Son Uva Digger, MM Rottweiler, Mega Bite, Avenger, Wrecking Crew, Max D®, Wrecking Crew, Aftershock, Krazy Train, MM Dalmatian and Iron Warrior. These enormous 12 ft. tall and about 12-ft. wide performers bring lots of noise, smashes, twists and turns, and definitely leave no one indifferent to what will be happening on the Rogers Center arena.

Son Uva Digger

 This fabulous freestyle and racing competition between the largest automotive machines in the world is one of the most exciting events for the whole family. Unleash your inner speed racer and cheer for your favorite Monster Jam trucks and drivers. This year we are lucky to see Canada’s very own Cam McQueen with Northern Nightmare, Ryan Anderson (son of the legendary and original Grave Digger driver Dennis Anderson) with Son UVA Digger, lady Taryn Laskey with Monster Mutt Dalmatian and many other famous drivers with their unique trucks.

MM Dalmatian

Monster Jam® shows run Saturday, January 18 at 7pm and Sunday, January 19 at 2pm at Rogers Centre. Ticket prices start at $23 for adults and $15 for Pizza Pizza kids tickets for children 12 and under. Pit Party Passes are available for purchase for $10.

 photo MonsterJam_zps30f20bc4.jpg

Tickets and Pit Passes are available at the Rogers Centre Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, online at www.ticketmaster.ca, and at (855) 985-5000. The Pit Party will be held from 3pm to 5pm on Saturday, January 18 and 10:30am to noon on Sunday, January 19th. The pre-show pit party gives fans the chance to see the huge Monster Jam trucks up close, meet drivers and take pictures.

Northern Nightmare

Did you know that a crew of eight works 18-20 hours for three days to construct a Monster Jam track? Average amount of dirt used per track: 700 cubic yards for an arena, 3,500 cubic yards for a stadium. Each year 700,000 cubic yards of dirt are used to put on Monster Jam events. Last year we had a chance to be at the Private Pit Party. It was an amazing experience to see the mammoth trucks close, meet drivers and then watch all those enormousness in action. Teddy even helped build a dirt mound and prepare a ramp for Monster Jam Show!

This year we are looking forward to see all the trucks again. So leave all you doubt behind, take earplugs and be ready to enjoy high jumps, power and speed.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What Does the Fox Say? - Wordless Wednesday

Last week we had a chance to visit the Texas Ranger Museum in San Antonio. This is one of the photos taken at the museum with fox. After watching the Little Mermaid show in Toronto, I often hear Teddy singing What Does the Fox Say? That fox did not say anything, but Teddy did, all those Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho and Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding kids easily catch.

What Does the Fox Say?
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.  
When thinking what made me look so great these holidays I can tell you that all credits go to the Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener. It was first time when I tried a skin brightener in my life and I can tell you it did and continue doing such a great job on my skin. Dark spots on T-zone and uneven complexion were my major concerns so Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener found exactly who needed it. With scientifically proven ingredients, designed by a team of skin care professionals and with over 30 years of development, Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener offers natural and safe ingredients with clinically proven results.
Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener

The Brightener is light brown color. By texture it is like any regular cream and is dispensed via unique airless pump. I did not have to wait days and weeks to get visible results. The cream brightens up and lightens your skin making you feel that your face got rid of fatigue, wrinkles, dryness and irritations. I like that Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener works the way not to cover your dark spots and blemishes but rather to get rid of them naturally and reveal your best look.

Even small amount is enough to apply, and it should be used on cleaned face. I also notice if you apply it at night, in the morning you wake up with brighten, smooth and silky skin. It is like a magic.

Ageless Derma

I think I started New Year 2014 with the right product in my beauty arsenal (just noting that I have to work more on my body weight) but as for dark spots and redness I left them behind greeting New Year with smooth and brighten skin thanks to Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Caramel Matcha Green Tea from Red Leaf Tea

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.  
I am a huge tea lover and I drink lots of tea during the day. I buy lots of different varieties of tea and love trying new flavours for sure. The offer to try Caramel Matcha Green Tea from Red Leaf Tea I definitely did not want to miss. Matcha Tea brings multiple health benefits from mood enhancement, energy boosting to weight loss and cancer fighting properties. Red Leaf Tea has over 100 Matcha flavours to try and enjoy.
 photo CaramelMatchaGreenTea_zpsd4ebda05.jpg

The Caramel Matcha Green Tea I tried smells really good even before preparing the drinks. I used my sample to prepare Cold Latte in a blender and I really liked it. It had fabulous taste, nice combination of Caramel flavour, Matcha Green Tea and milk. I always thought that Matcha was so difficult to prepare, in opposite I found it was very interesting and easy to make flavoured Matcha Green Tea Latte mix. You can check the recipes on Red Leaf Tea web site too.

Caramel Matcha Green Tea Powder

My boy did not like it much, but adults found it very tasty, nutritious and saying they were treated with a luxury drink. I think I agree with them. Being 100% natural, with only 4 calories per serving, great taste and many health benefits, Matcha is becoming a favourite drink for many people.

Red Leaf Tea takes it seriously when it comes to Matcha Tea selection plus they offer different qualities from Starter Matcha Tea to Emperor’s Matcha. If you like to learn more about Matcha Tea, recommend you to take a look at Red Leaf Tea web site, they always have great deals on their amazing collection of exotic and unique teas around the world to everyone who loves a nice cup of tea.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub Review and Giveaway CAN

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.  
The weather this winter went on adventures like never before. So far we were lucky with power supply, our trees survived the ice storm and the roads are usually clean to drive. But we spend some time outside taking care of the enormous snow supply this year in addition to ice. After shovelling snow in our front driveway third time in a row my neck and shoulders requested some relief and care. Reading our minds, Tiger Balm sent us their amazing Neck & Shoulder Rub, just in time when it was most needed.

Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub
Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub gives an effective, fast and soothing relief for neck and shoulder pain lead to by tension, stress and sitting at a desk for long time. Even a small amount is enough to make it work. I take only a pea-sized amount of the cream and even less, and then I slowly massage it into my skin. Immediately after using you can feel that cooling effect that lasts quite long. Depending on how much pain you have, you can use the cream when needed.

The rub smells as combination of menthol and eucalyptus oil (the ingredients of the cream), what reminds me acupuncture sessions at the Wellness Center. I also like that the run is absolutely non-greasy and do not leave any shine on a skin, so definitely find the use in the office environment. The tube designed that way that easily fit any bag and purse to take with you to work, trip or just going out.

Last week I had to carry my boy home because he was very tired after visiting so many places and we did not take his stroller with us. He is not a little baby any more (four years old), so my back was feeling really bad and after that I could not even fell asleep easily because of pain. Thanks to Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub I had a chance to relieve my pain and was feeling much better in the morning.

Tiger Balm
Would you like to try it for yourself, then use a printable coupon to save $2.00 on your next in-store Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub purchase simply by joining the Tiger Balm Canada mailing list here. Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub same as many Tiger Balm products can be found at major retailers across Canada including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Lawtons Drugs, and Value Drug Mart.

And now giveaway time, three Canadian Teddy Out-Ready readers are going to win a full-size Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub (50g). For your chance, simply fill the Rafflecopter form below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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Friday, January 3, 2014

Teddy Goes to Texas #HR_HillCountry

Our New Year beginning is pretty exciting. Thanks to PTPA and Hyatt we have an opportunity to visit Texas and learn more about what Hyatt Regency Hill Country resort offers for families and try different family-friendly activities there. We are looking forward to sharing our experience. Plus we are going to spend some time in San Antonio to learn more about the city, go to a basketball game and just have a good time.
Teddy goes to Texas

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to Raise a Happy Child and be Happy too Book Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
How Raise a Happy Child (and be Happy too) book
Being a parent is like acquiring a new profession. From baby birth till grown-up kids there is a challenging  journey for parents who always want to give only the best to their kids. The journey of learning, raising a child and finding happiness together. Looking at the families including my own I was always wanted to see the ways of communicating with kids far from punishment, fear and manipulation. Every child is special and unique so growing happy, loving and caring kid would make parents happy too.

The book How Raise a Happy Child (and be Happy too) introduces incredible parenting strategies based on Taryn Voget (Everyday Genius Institute cofounder) and Heather Criswell's extensive experience of working with kids (over 25 years and 30,000 children). Those strategies when put in action, work with every child and in every situation making rising child much easier. For me it was first time when bedtime, disrespect and mealtime became not just blind, find yourself how-to-deal with processes. I found step-by step techniques how manage these situations, what to say and how to behave thanks to Heather Criswell and Taryn Voget book. I even refer to the table what to answer in everyday situations, I probably do not use the same wording but at least, I have an idea how to manage the situations giving my child the choice to control them. I think that videos also presented by authors, work perfectly to help in different ups and downs we face as parents.

Raise a Happy Child

Our most challenging tasks are room clean-up and bed time routine. I finally was happy to find out how to deal with those making my boy to get involved and happy too for what he does. I am also agree with authors of the book that kids know how to be happy and they do everything to be so. The amazing thing that kids can say exactly what make them happy.

For more information about the book and authors you can easily find them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Would you like to win a hard copy of How Raise a Happy Child (and be Happy too) for yourself? Then go ahead and fill the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway is open to US residents only and ends January 9, 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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