.@TeddyOutReady: June 2020

Friday, June 26, 2020

AnthroDesk LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port | #Ergonomics

Since we spend much time indoors these days, it is important to have quality products we use on a daily basis. Children are learning, playing and communicating mostly on-line, lots of adults are working on their projects and meeting their deadlines at home offices. Eyes are very sensitive to irritations and become tired when you work with computer screen for a long time. It does not matter if you learn, communicate, work or just browse on-line, your eyes need proper lighting. Having a quality lamp can become the best solution to your eyes.

Getting a proper lighting solution became our priority. Recently we received AnthroDesk LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port. I think it was a good choice, the lamp has a nice design and the color perfectly fits to our room style. It comes with a sturdy base and a fold-able arm. The lamp has an aluminum body, it is adjustable and holds a chosen position without falling. You will be amazed how flexible this lamp is! The top of the lamp and the body can be adjusted to your needs.

There are three modes to set the color temperature to adapt to the task you are performing. Depends on what you are doing right now - reading, designing, playing video games or browsing, the lamp has a Touch-Sensitive Control Panel to adjust the mode to your personal preferences.

There are also buttons on the panel to control brightness, which we found very useful. The light is evenly distributed across the desk and without any glare or shade, which makes it a great lamp for eyes. Take time to find the perfect lamp position so that your eyes can feel comfortable with lighting and do not get tired fast. 

It also includes a USB charging port for digital devices, which proves to be a very practical addition. We worried before buying about changing the lamp's light bulbs, how often we need that. It turned out that LED lights can last long time, up to 50.000 hours.

AnthroDesk LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port and Touch-Sensitive Control Panel is available on Amazon.ca for $29.99, on AnthroDesk on-line store for $49.99 and other major office supply retailers. I bought our lamp via Amazon, because I have free shipping and they ship pretty fast! There is also an option for the color of your lamp alloy, you can choose from Silver, Gold and Blue. Our lamp has Blue Accent color.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Cute Gift Ideas - Retro Toys and Collectibles from Super Impulse | The World’s Smallest Games

The school year is coming to the end and Father’s Day is just around the corner. This year has been tough for everyone. So, maybe it is time to change it and show a little support to people around us - our family, friends, teachers and our community. We should focus on being grateful and appreciate the way things are. I know that little gifts can become a valuable possession and a reason for a kind smile!

This June it is a good idea to spoil Dads with toys and games that really will make them feel like a child again! Super Impulse offers go-to classic, retro and on-trend products that give hours of fun in different sizes. Whether your dad is a speed-cuber, a collector or a master in labyrinth games - these toys are guaranteed to give dad an epic Father’s Day.

The World’s Smallest toys collection includes iconic retro brands in tiny working versions. These are the world’s most classic toys in their smallest sizes ever! These toys are retro throwbacks for grownups and the perfect collectible for kids! And we have a wide variety of the world's smallest toys to choose from.

We had a chance to play with a selection of World’s Smallest and World’s Coolest toys. They are just amazing! The toys are replicas of popular toys, they are real working toys everyone likes playing with but in smaller sizes. It looks like a scientist from Antman movie made toys small for us to enjoy and play! Teddy played with World’s Smallest Perplexus and Perplexus Cascading Cups, which was really hard. He faced the same challenges he had with original toys.

And the Rubik's Metallic is the same Rubik toy but smaller version and it actually works.

It is measuring only 0.75 x 0.75 x 0.75 of an inch. This fully functional Rubik’s Cube has reflective, vibrant, foil colors on all six sides. The only question is does it take the same time for you to solve the Rubik's puzzle?

It is nice to have a miniature version of your favorite toys and games with you. When you are travelling and going out, you can carry your favorite game in your pocket or purse. Some items are made like a key chain so that you get a favorite item with a practical twist.

The miniature size of all World’s Smallest and World’s Coolest products makes them the perfect gifts for any occasion, big or small. They are fun, unique, affordable and offer the quality of original products.

The World’s Smallest toys collection is designed for kids ages 3 and up. and available on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com ranging from $8 CAD to $40 CAD.
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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Have A Dazzling Experience With Gazillion Bubble Rush Machine | Funrise Toys

It is amazing how mush joy brings a fragile soap layer filled with air. Little ones likes to blow, watch how bubbles grow and chase them. Bubbles are always fun for kids. There is something fascinating and magical about them. It is a lot of fun magnified by shiny colors in sunlight and floating performance!

When we were in Italy few years ago Teddy had a captivating experience when made huge bubbles with a street performer. Some soap creations they made were bigger than Teddy. Those bubbles were such a fun to make, they sparkle with colors under the s un bringing delight and cheer.

Gazillion Bubble Rush is pretty cool machine that makes the most bubbles ever. We were happy to play with it especially during lock down when it was cool outside and we are stuck at home. This bubble machine has three sections with no-spill design. It includes a removable washable top, solution recycling tray and motor sealed inside base. Blowing bubbles became easier that ever, we just enjoy them floating off the machine and having fun chasing them. You can watch how bubbles fly into the sky while giving a rainbow of colors!

To make the machine work, you need to pour soap solution into the reservoir and push the button for a bubble explosion in seconds. Designed for children ages 3 years and up, this item brings hours of fun for kids. Even if you cannot play outside, Gazillion Bubble Rush machine can be perfectly used indoor and bring same experience like outdoor. The only thing you need to worry about is who is going to push a bubble button to make the machine working. It is easy to clean after the play is over and you can use leftover solution next time  kids are ready to blow bubbles.

The item includes one 8oz bottle of Gazillion Premium Bubbles solution, you can buy more bottles or a 4L or 2L  solutions separately if planning to play with the machine much longer. And this item also needs 6 AA batteries for a motor to operate.

We play with Gazillion Bubble Rush almost every week, I think it gives so much stress release especially for kids who stuck at home and cannot go to school and play with their friends. I think even gown-ups can find some joy in blowing bubbles.

Gazillion Bubble Rush is available at major stores like Walmart, ToysRUs, Indigo and specialty toy stores as well as select retailers across Canada and the United States.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Sesame Street – When You Wish Upon a Pickle Digital Release | Shout Kids

Do wishes come true? Of course, they do! However, you should be careful what you are wishing for. The recent Shout! Factory release Sesame Street – When You Wish Upon a Pickle tells stories filled with magic and wishes come true.

The mysterious machine is delivered to Sesame Street. It looks like a fortune teller with a Pickle in a gown sitting inside. After learning what this machine is for, Elmo, Chris, and Ernie found out that their wishes are coming true after talking to the magical pickle. Elmo wishes to be a grown-up and run Hooper’s Store, he switches bodies with Chris. Chris wants to be like Elmo and answer all the questions! Ernie tries to help his friend achieve his dream of becoming a TV meteorologist, but Bert ends up trapped in the television, showing up in different shows like cooking, wrestling and was even chased by a shark.

Then Cookie Monster wishes for more cookies which results in 200 Cookie Monsters appearing in Sesame Street neighborhood. Abby teams up with her favorite storybook detective, Natalie Neptune played by Amanda Seyfried, to figure out what’s going on. The detective is brought to life by Abby's wish.

At the end the gang found a way to fix everything. It was a good lesson for everyone to learn that everyone can become whoever they want, no magic needed. They also realized, that each of them has special skills and talents they should be proud of.

Later Abby and her friends continue to look for magic and find out that some magical items do not seem to be so magical after all. They are created and used by regular folks to make life better and easier.

Sesame Street – When You Wish Upon a Pickle is now available for digital download from Shout! Factory and Sesame Workshop.
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