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Monday, March 28, 2016

Unleash Your Inner Artist at Cocktails 'n Canvas Events #cnc

CocktailsnCanvas Stand

I've never considered myself being an artist, working with paints and mixing colors. I grew up surrounded by artistic people who could do that work for me. We have a lot of art work on the walls in our house. Some of them are Teddy’s oil paintings on canvas from his art school.

CocktailsnCanvas Original Work

The opportunity to try Cocktails 'n Canvas came unexpectedly. I was hesitant to join but I decided to give it a try and put my hands in paints to re-create a wonderful Valley at Dusk. The best thing is that no experience necessary to participate because Cocktails 'n Canvas main purpose is to connect people in a relaxing, welcoming and creative atmosphere. They offer a fun night of socializing with friends in a local bar or pub while following the step-by-step instructions of a master local artist from blank canvas to a masterpiece. Two hours promise to be filled with interesting talks, thrilling brush strokes and new skills. You can choose the event based on the level of difficulty of your painting from easy to complex.

Flatiron and Firkin

My event was at Flatiron and Firkin in Downtown Toronto just few days before St Patrick Day, so the venue was amazingly decorated for upcoming celebration and we definitely were excited to be there. The painting was Valley at Dusk. Step by step the instructor showed us how to create a wonderful winter scene with mountains and trees. Our teachers (two of them) were very nice and helped me in every step from picking the right brush and how I need to hold it to artist tricks how to re-create natural look of objects on the canvas. I really liked the procedures of mixing colors, besides visual results, the whole process gives some kind of relaxing  and calming effect, a short color getaway- same you get during yoga exercises or therapy sessions.

CocktailsnCanvas Start

Two hours went fast but the feeling of accomplishment when you go from a blank canvas to a finished painting was fantastic. You realize that you can do things you never done before. It is also great to celebrate your painting journey with a couple of cocktails and food.

CocktailsnCanvas Working

I think that Cocktails 'n Canvas concept is a wonderful opportunity for gatherings and celebrations. Team meetings also will be fun in a creative environment, plus you do not need to visit a studio, just check if Cocktails 'n Canvas host an event close to your location at the local bar or pub. Cocktails and food are extra.


While we all painted the same picture, at the end, everyone came to unique final creation to be proud of.

For more information, please check Cocktails 'n Canvas event near you, the price is around $40 what includes teaching instructions, a canvas and paints. It is better to dress up accordingly for painting session and an apron will be provided. Have fun!

 photo CocktailsnCanvas Teacher_zpsgcd1o5wl.jpg

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Transformers Rescue Bots: Adventures in Time and Space DVD Giveaway

Transformers are one of the favorite kids toys, Hasbro knows well how to engage our kids and give them opportunities to play interesting games. Transformers’ abilities take children minds and you can notice how excited they are to follow robots heroes’ adventures in Transformers series. The recent Shout! Factory DVD takes us through time and space to make sure the Earth is safe and protected. Enormous robots can do incredible things, but also be funny and friendly.

Transformers Rescue Bots DVD

In new Transformers: Rescue Bots - Adventures in Time and Space DVD we join Autobots: Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder as they travel back to 1939 along with their human friends Cody and Frankie and meet evil Doctor Morocco. Then Cody learns that there are vampires in space, how Chase and Boulder are back to space to complete their rescue mission. Next episode, Time After Time, mostly reminds Groundhog Day as Cody wakes up to the same morning over and over again. There is also some personality switching between huge and tiny in Switcheroo.

Teddy liked watching the episodes plus he has the Rescue Bots and other tech creations. The series were interesting for our preschooler as they have various science items like gravity, vortex, magnetic field and other ones. Teddy was curious and asked a lot what they are all about. Honestly speaking, I am having a hard time to remember all the Autobots and their special skills, but Teddy knows them all.
Transformers Rescue Bots

I like how Transformers: Rescue Bots - Adventures in Time and Space captivating and funny at the same time. Teddy already asked to get more transformers for his collection. For Transformers fans we are happy to give away a copy of Transformers: Rescue Bots - Adventures in Time and Space on DVD thanks to Shout! Factory. The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents and ends April 8, 2016.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Friends Across Equestria DVD Giveaway

My Little Pony series continue to amaze viewers with adventurers of favorite pony characters. The recent Shout! Factory DVD release My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Friends Across Equestria invites us to join Twilight Sparkle and her very best friends - Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Spike as they learn about true value of friendship where they live in Ponyville and beyond, across the vast kingdom of Equestria.

 photo My Little Pony ndash Friendship Is Magic_zpstnzlskqi.jpg

The DVD has five episodes and starts with Fluttershy and Discord chatting in a good company over a cup of tea as they do it weekly. Discord becomes very upset when find out that Fluttershy did not invite him to the Gala and decided to find his own way to get an invitation. Searching everywhere with no luck and almost ready to give up, Discord gets a ticket to the Gala in the mail. Since the invitation to the Gala is for two, Discord who is jealous that Fluttershy invited Tree Hugger, decides to invite his own friend who at first is not welcome at beautiful evening. The party promises to have lots of challenges for the organizers including Twilight Sparkle but the magic of friendship is here to help everyone.

There are lots interesting moments these pony stories, same as in real life for every child and adult. The series teach how to keep your friendship when you far away like in “Amending Fences” or how to help each other in a difficult situation. In "The Mane Attraction" you will find that the friendship between Pinkie Pie and Applejack is still strong even though they took different life paths. True friends are always ready to help no matter what surroundings or situation they have. Enjoy the episodes are they present the power of friendship and see how Little Ponies make new friends with the most powerful magic in Equestria. Teddy liked watching this new release, making some remarks from time to time that these are good friends and once that it was so mean. Do not want to spoil you with the plot, but My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Friends Across Equestria is a good treat for every My Little Pony fan.
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic DVD

The DVD also includes "The Magic Inside" sing-along bonus and 100th episode in the series - "Slice of Life".

We are happy to give away a copy of My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Friends Across Equestria on DVD to one lucky reader thanks to Shout! Factory. The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only and ends April 5, 2016.

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Documentary Production "My Imaginary Friend & I" Looking for Participants: Kids Ages 3+ in #Toronto

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Follow #StarWars Saga Through Droids Eyes in new LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales DVD

It is interesting how children perceive movies when they are introduced to sequels first and later learn the initial story. When Teddy was three he did not see any Star Wars movie but had a bunch of stickers he put over the house. Later he watched trailers and somehow learned the characters names, outfit and battles. Teddy was scared of Darth Vader when met him at our community events when he did not even know who that Dark Man was. Teddy called Darth Vader as Scary Man for a long time. At the same time Teddy liked Stormtroopers from the very first encounter and later decided to get a costume for Halloween.

Lego Star Wars

Available this month, LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales release brings even more adventures and thrills to all Lego and Star Wars fans. The DVD presents episodes with a plot from various Star Wars movies, a nice combination of what happened in Star Wars universe but from the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 perspective(I even say, through their eyes).

The fun begins following the victory celebration in the Ewok village on Endor, at the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. R2-D2 and C-3PO have gathered to regale Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca and the other Rebels with the tales of their adventures that led to the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. An accidental kidnapping occurs while the droids are reminiscing, and suddenly you’re taken on a new journey that leads to the retelling of the entire Star Wars saga, told by R2-D2 and C-3PO! It’s hilarious and playful, packed with all your favorite interlocking characters. The whole movie filled with never–ending jokes and funny moments. The only breaking moments are there when Lego bricks flip over, always good chances to put them back or create something new. It is great to see familiar faces, all in one movie. Teddy liked mostly battles using laser swords and there are lots of them in every episode. The fact that everything is made of Lego bricks in this movie is pretty exciting. I found that dancing “Break” is much easier for Lego folks.

Legoland StarWars

LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales is intergalactic thrills for the whole family, we like it so much especially after visiting LEGOLAND park. We brought C-3PO from there and had a good time watching together. The DVD incudes three cards telling about Star Wars characters. I almost gave up remembering names of Star Wars characters (some of them really hard), but Teddy is eager to learn more about them.
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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Bell that Rang in Easter Storybook App & Lindt Canada Gift Basket Giveaway #GoldBunnyStory

Three Bunnies Lindt

Easter is just around the corner and I am not sure who is more excited about it, kids or adults. When Teddy was younger it was better not to take him to a store during Easter time as he always finds that famous Lindt’s Gold Bunny and refuses to leave without him. Now Teddy is looking forward to Easter activities and the Bunny who shows up in our home and brings delicious chocolate.

Lindt is celebrating the launch of a beautifully written and illustrated storybook app entitled “The Bell that Rang in Easter”. It is FREE to download from iTunes and Google Play. The best part is, Lindt will be donating $1 for every app download to the Children’s Aid Foundation (up to $50,000). You can download your free copy of the app at goldbunnystory.com and share your Gold Bunny Easter traditions using the hashtag #GoldBunnyStory. We downloaded the App and Teddy liked the story so much, plus the Bunny in the story and Teddy has the same name (just a hint).

Gold Bunny Story

Lindt developed the app to give families the opportunity to sit down together, share the values of friendship and giving, and create New Easter traditions. The story tells of a magical friendship between an adorable little bunny and a very special girl and the bunny’s quest to find the perfect Easter gift to give to his special friend. “The Bell that Rang in Easter” is an interactive app children would love for sure, where kids can feed the bunny with carrots, explore flower shop and even help the Maître to make a chocolate Golden Bunny. Please download this wonderful app, enjoy the story and help children.

Gold Bunnies

For the GTA folks there are fabulous family Easter events taking place upcoming weeks week. There are associated with “The Bell that Rang in Easter” app launch:

Square One Shopping Mall (Mississauga) 
  • Wed. March 16 – 26: Lindt Canada is hosting a fun-filled family Easter event. Families can enjoy a reading of the story by its award-winning Canadian author, Ashley Spires, immersed in a 1,400 square foot display filled with life-sized scenes from the digital book. Colouring stations, photo opportunities and personalized gold bunnies will also be available. Guests that show proof of app download on their smartphone will receive a special Easter offer.
  • March 18 - Live Readings: Centre Court, Square One Shopping Mall - Families can enjoy a reading of the story by its award-winning Canadian author, Ashley Spires, immersed in a 1,400 square foot display filled with life-sized scenes from the digital book. Times: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm & 5pm.
Shops at Don Mills
  • March 17 – Live Readings: Families can enjoy a reading of the story by its award-winning Canadian author, Ashley Spires. Times: 10am, 11am  
For full event listings visit www.lindt.com

Gift Basket Lindt

If you cannot make it to the malls we are excited to giveaway a fabulous Lindt Easter Basket filled with chocolate thanks to Lindt Canada. The giveaway is open to Canadian residents only and ends March 20, 2016.
Happy Easter!

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Little Prince Movie: Touching, Beautiful & Delicate

The Little Prince

“The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is one of those books you ready to read over and over again. Every time it gives different”taste” and reflects what happens in your life. It is like an ocean and you can see what appeals to you the most and it is always the same ocean you dive in. I read the book when I was a child and I liked lots of things in it. When I reread it years later I realized that the story has new meaning for me and I understand it a lot more.

The Little Prince book

I was looking forward to see animated version of “The Little Prince”. This Mark Osborne’s adaptation of “The Little Prince” is the classic story with the modern twist. It starts with The Little Girl ( Mackenzie Foy) prepared to join the prestigious school and all her life written ahead and a strict sequence of actions to follow. The Little Girl’s business oriented mother wants to give the best to her daughter and designs what the girl needs to do every single day. This planed “successful” life is about to take over the little girl but she encounters with extraordinary elderly neighbor The Aviator who has a real plane in his backyard. Once during girl’s summer studies she receives a page from The Aviator notebook as a paper plane. Curious about the story, The Little Girl with her practical attitude learns that there is a world where everything is possible. Her imagination takes her to The Little Prince universe where she follows lives of  The Little Prince, Star-Collecting Businessmen, The King, The Fox and other characters, only to find out what is essential.

Mark The Little Prince

The beauty of the movie is the delicacy and intangible connections. I liked how real and imaginary worlds are presented. You can feel how fragile and tender papery characters of imaginary The Little Prince world. You follow the story and everything is up to your imagination power. There were moments I cried but the most fabulous thing when you realize that adults are like kids and their imagination may deteriorate as they grow but still everyone can experience the beauty of love, connections and be who they really want to be.

The Little Prince tablet

We also received “The Little Prince” giant book made like an album which includes built-in tablet telling the story of how the movie was created, “The Little Prince” book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the Fox (cute one) and a paper plane to start our journey.

The Little Prince movie

The movie has an impressive voice cast - James Franco, Rachel McAdams, Jeff Bridges, Marion Cotillard, Benicio Del Toro, Paul Giamatti and Ricky Gervais. It is about to hit the big screen in Canada as it opens tomorrow, March 11.

"The Little Prince" is absolutely amazing; I think every child needs to watch it. Join classic story in contemporary environment and enjoy delicate, charming and beautiful “The Little Prince” world.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Welcome New Heroes in Disney's The Lion Guard: Return of The Roar #DVD

We were very excited when found out that epic adventures of Disney’s The Lion King continues with The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar movie. Few months ago we had a chance to join the premiere and meet the movie director Howy Parkins. Later we were lucky to receive this wonderful DVD release (includes French version) which was out in February and now Teddy can watch it over and over again.

Disney The Lion Guard

Meet Kion, second-born cub of Simba and Nala, as he assumes the role of leader of “The Lion Guard,” an elite team of animals tasked with preserving the Pride Lands. Follow him as he assembles a group of unlikely heroes: Bunga the honey badger, Fuli the cheetah, Beshte the hippo and Ono the egret. Join them on a thrilling adventure as they use their unique abilities to defend the Pride Lands from predators and maintain balance within the Circle of Life. Bursting with humor, music, beloved characters and heart, The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar is a must-own for the entire family!

Disney Lion Guard

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar is kind and family-friendly movie to enjoy with a whole family, filled with really funny jokes. We liked it so much, it has some real to deal situations between parents and kids happening almost in every family. One day children have to grow and take responsibility for their actions. As Kion grows, his abilities and talents grow with him, he meets more animals living in the Pride Lands and learn how to communicate with them. Kion also has to make his own decisions, to get his parents confused at first but later make them proud of his actions. We also liked that Kion’s friends and members of “The Lion Guard” are diverse and have own special unique skills to apply during various and sometimes difficult situations, everything can happen on the Pride Lands. You will definitely enjoy lovely music; there are so many great songs in the movie, Teddy like them so much. Plus you can find here a bonus feature, music video –Watch Beau Black as he performs the single “Here Comes the Lion Guard”.

The DVD also comes with very cute talking backpack pull, you can put it anywhere. Teddy used it to decorate his new backpack. Enjoy the movie and welcome new Heroes!
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Monday, March 7, 2016

Free March Break Family Skates at Ricoh Coliseum #Toronto

March Break is next week! While it is still snowy in Toronto and the GTA, it is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to experience something other than school routine and assignments! Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) and Ricoh Coliseum would like to invite everyone to fun-filled Family Skates at Ricoh Coliseum during March Break!

Free public skating at the home arena of the Toronto Marlies is available from Monday, March 14 to Thursday, March 17 between 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. Family skating at Ricoh Coliseum is available in partnership with the City of Toronto. Skate on arena where hockey professionals had their best shots and enjoy March Break with family and friends.

Free Family Skate

Important notes:
  • Waivers must be signed on arrival 
  • Ricoh Coliseum is unable to provide skate rentals or sharpening 
  • All children 12 and under are required to wear a helmet 
  • Skating is first come, first served with a limit of 250 people on the ice at a time

 photo Ricoh Coliseum skate_zps83btu10k.jpg
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Friday, March 4, 2016

Keep Your Vehicle Clean & Organized with DRIVE Car Garbage Bag #driveautoproducts

Car Garbage Bag by DRIVE

Car is our second home and we need to make sure it is clean and ready for a safe driving. Sometimes it is not easy to keep a car clean as little kids (and adults) mess inside a car and our trip is surrounded by coffee cups, crackers, banana peels and plastic bottles all other the floor.

DRIVE Car Garbage Bag

We definitely needed something practical and compact to put our trash and I think we found exactly what we were looking for. DRIVE Car Garbage Bag is a trash bag for litter designed specifically for using in vehicles. It perfectly fits small spaces and can be folded when not using. The quality of materials it is made of is very good. I really like the color of the bag - dark blue which does not resonate with other items in our car. You can hang the bag on the back of the seat as DRIVE Car Garbage Bag comes with adjustable strap. The best thing the bag comes with disposable 20 Pack Trash Liner which easily locked with special little side hooks. Mesh side pouch pocket is very convenient to keep bottles, cups or tissues.

Car Garbage Bag Velcro

When we leave a car, there is no need to carry all the garbage in your hands just take a liner bag with all the garbage and throw it away (into the bigger bins).

Car Garbage Bag by DRIVE Side

DRIVE Car Garbage Bag is a good container to keep some extra items too, we find it perfect to put some books and puzzles for our kiddo along with mini construction sets, snacks for pets and other essential items.

Car Garbage Bag by DRIVE Back

It is nice to see our car neat and organized; now I am thinking to make gifts to my friends hoping they would love using DRIVE Car Garbage bag as we do. Now the price is only $14.97 on Amazon.ca for this quality product, check it out.

DRIVE Car Garbage bag liner
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Join Power Rangers Time Force: The Complete Series Giveaway #ShoutFactory

Power Rangers always bring a value of team work. I like them for being unique, diverse and strong. Two years ago Teddy did not know Power Rangers and we did not tell anything about them. Then he once found a DVD in our collection when he was three years old and since that time our boy became a huge fan of Power Rangers series, Teddy even asked for Power Ranger costume for Halloween as he wanted to be Red Power Ranger.

Power Rangers Time Force

There are lots of Power Ranger series and many years they continue to entertain and inspire kids and adults with their strength, discipline and dedication. The recent Saban & Shout Factory release, Time Force: The Complete Series brings even more exciting adventures of favorite rangers: stories about friendship, teamwork, fights with evil Ransik and his gang and more.

Teddy Power Rangers Time Force

In the distant future, a team of Power Rangers known as the Power Rangers Time Force act as a time-traveling police force capturing and freezing criminal mutants. When the notorious criminal mastermind Ransik stages a daring escape, he fells the Red Time Force Ranger Alex and takes the entire cryogenic prison full of dangerous, incarcerated mutants back in time with him to the year 2001. There he seeks to unleash a new wave of crime against our modern world, helpless against his vastly superior technology. In pursuit of Ransik, Pink Ranger Jen – grieving fiancée of Alex – leads a team of Time Force officers back in time to apprehend the escaped criminals. In modern times they ally themselves with Alex’s distant ancestor, Wes, whose shared DNA with his future descendant allows him to take up the powers of the Red Time Force Ranger.
Power Rangers Time Force

Power Rangers: Time Force includes 5-DVD box set that contains all 40 episodes of the iconic show’s ninth season. In these series, Power Rangers travel in time and fight for better future. You can see them in various situations and different times, even costumes and surroundings changes from one assignment to another. Talking about the content, I think it is intended not only for young children, teenagers and adults can find them interesting too. This series also introduce pretty strong female leadership including Pink and Yellow Time Force Rangers. You find that Jen (Pink Ranger) actually in the leader of the team.

Overall, we liked watching Power Rangers: Time Force series, our cold Canadian weather always gives multiple opportunities to enjoy great series, inside with popcorn and hot chocolate.

We are happy to give a chance to our reader to win a copy of Power Rangers: Time Force 5-DVD box set thanks to Shout! Factory. The giveaway is open to US & Canadian residents and ends March 15, 2016. Please use the Rafflecopter from below.

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