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Friday, November 30, 2018

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer Opens In Select Cities Across Canada on December 2nd | #ElevationPics

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer

Escape the cold and avoid the chaos of the season at the movies. Nothing better than time spent with the family watching festive holiday films. From timeless classic to new animated features there are lots of movies to enjoy. Take a look at the upcoming holiday release Elliot the Littlest Reindeer. A family friendly Christmas film tells the story of a miniature horse that has three days to fulfill his lifelong dream of earning a spot on Santa's team at the North Pole try-outs.

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer movie

Blitzen announces his retirement on December 21st to open his own juice bar. To save Christmas The North Pole hosts a reindeer competition to find a new helper for Santa. Elliot, a little horse with big dreams living in the petting zoo with other animals, wants to take his chance and participate in the competition. With his best friend goat Hazel, Elliot dress up like a reindeer to take one step forward to the big dream. Only reindeer can participate in this competition!

 Elliot the Littlest Reindeer opens in select cities across Canada on December 2nd, and on home entertainment on December 4th. 

See below for the list of cities where the film will be opening for a special, one-day engagement:
  • North Vancouver, BC 
  • Vancouver, BC 
  • Langley, BC 
  • Winnipeg, MB 
  • Calgary, AB 
  • Edmonton, AB 
  • Regina, SK 
  • Halifax, NS 
  • Oakville, ON 
  • Toronto, ON 
  • Ottawa, ON 
  • Barrie, ON 
  • Scarborough, ON 
  • Niagara Falls, ON 
  • Peterborough, ON 
  • Guelph, ON 
  • Sudbury, ON 
  • Thunder Bay, ON 
  • Windsor, ON 
  • Montreal, QC 
  • Côte Saint-Luc, QC

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SECOND ACT Starring Jennifer Lopez Advance Screening Passes Giveaway Toronto | #ElevationPics

Second Act Advance Screening Toronto

As the holiday season is fast approaching, here's a selection of movies that we can watch during the festive period. And one of them is Second Act which is going to hit the big screen this month. The film stars Jennifer Lopez who plays Maya, a 40-year-old woman struggling with frustrations from unfulfilled dreams. Until, that is, she gets the chance to prove to Madison Avenue that street smarts are as valuable as book smarts, and that it is never too late for a Second Act.

Second Act Advance Screening Toronto

Check the trailer, it looks like perfect movie to watch during relaxing holiday season. It is cheerful, inspiring and funny!

To spread the holiday spirit we are also excited to giveaway advance screening passes to Second Act movie taking place in Toronto on Wednesday December 19th, 2018 at the Cineplex Yonge and Dundas. The movie officially opens in theaters across Canada December 21, 2018.

For your chance simply fill the Rafflecopter form below and Good Luck. The giveaway is open to the GTA residents who can attend Toronto screening. Winners will receive digital codes to redeem for movie passes. The giveaway ends December 17, 2018.

Elevation Pictures
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Massive Monster Mayhem Toys From Super Fun Smashing Series | #MassiveMonsterMayhem

 photo Massive Monster Mayhem Toys_zpsj7yjgmg6.jpg

Teddy has been a fan of Massive Monster Mayhem since the show first was aired on TV. It was tough, smashing, physically challenging for participants but far from being serious. Episodes remind Godzilla ruining the city. Those buildings we see on the show mostly are foam-built buildings for kids to play. Teddy turned Massive Monster Mayhem into his own activities like fun pillow fights on weekends and created pixel art of show characters Macho Cheese and RoBro in his Minecraft game.

Just on time for holidays Massive Monster Mayhem released a whole line of toys kids will be excited to play with and receive as gifts. I think children would love these toys, because they are created for kids to have friendly fights, make them move, run, jump and have fun. Though our grandma does not like the show because she thinks it is cruel, Teddy likes his new Massive Monster Mayhem toys a lot. He used to have fun pillows fights, now he got lots of inflatable role-play toys and dress up items.

Moon Ball Massive Monster Mayhem

Massive Monster Mayhem toys are really huge, for example giant 5-foot inflatable Moon Ball. This is the ball you can see in the game and it is so big that hardly can be moved through the house. Though Moon Ball is big, it is pretty lightweight, Teddy can move it easily. There are many ideas to play with this ball, Teddy suggested outdoor bowling or a bounce game.

Bash Armor is great way to play with Massive Monster Mayhem toys. There are Macho Cheese Inflatable Bash Armor and RoBro Inflatable Bash Armor for kids to have fun. They come as extra-large inflatable head gear and fists. Teddy likes Macho Cheese character the most so his gear is our kid’s favorite. Our kids can’t wait to meet on holidays to have cool fights using Bash Armor.

Massive Monster Mayhem Teddy

Besides huge head gear and fists, Massive Monster Mayhem also offers Bash Weapons to play. They come as enormous sword, ax or a hammer. Some of them are totally fun and not only for fights but often for teasing family members. They are perfect for parties and family gatherings!

Massive Monster Mayhem Armour

Fights are often amusing with action figures. And Massive Monster Mayhem has fantastic 16 inches tall monster figurines. We like our Massive Monster Figure Major Disappointment, it comes in full armour and the best thing in bunny slippers you can take off. It has glowing eyes, real monster voice and an extra accessory.

Massive Monster Mayhem Bash Armour

All these toys are available on Amazon, Target in US and at ToysRUs in Canada. Just for information - the inflatables do not include a pump in their sets.

Massive Monster Mayhem is an original show for kids 6–11 that combines live action and CGI animation with real competition and comedy. Each episode features three real-life kid heroes competing in a gauntlet of Intergalactic Battle Alliance challenges to become Earth's champion and face off against Master Mayhem's league of monsters in the ultimate "Monster Mashdown." The unique series combines cutting-edge, real-time CGI and pre-visualization technology.

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Ralph Breaks The Internet Movie Review | DisneyStudiosCA

RalphBreaksTheInternet Movie

Ralph and his best friend Vanellope von Schweetz live a very simple life in Litwak’s arcade. One day Ralph decides to add some spark to Vanellope’s perfect game and almost destroyed it. In attempts to save the game, Ralph and Vanellope head to Internet to find the broken game part. Both characters have never left their home that far, and the whole new world opens to them. Internet is a gigantic city with big buildings representing web sites and apps. It offers a full infrastructure and connections. Big sites like Google, eBay, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many others are the part of this big city. Everything moves, grows and shines in this very busy place. Internet opens new opportunities and traps at the same time.

Two friends plan to find eBay to get game’s part but they never bought anything in their lives. So as it turned out they have to pay for the wheel they need and Ralph and Vanellope need money. In search of funds they stumble upon auto-racing game Slaughter Race where Shan, a tough confident driver with her gang suggests Ralph to make money on BuzzzTube, the trend-making web site. While Vanellope falls in love with Slaughter Race place and admires the game’s racing spirit, Ralph heads to BuzzzTube to make more videos to raise funds to get Vanellope’s game new wheel. BuzzzTube carries same similarities as YouTube where the life of viral videos is short and new content has to come quick and fresh.

After multiple attempts Ralph’s videos donkey on the field, hot pepper challenges, pies, art classes become popular. People watch them, funds go up but Vanellope is hesitant to go back to Sugar Rush. When helping Ralph to promote his videos, she meets an army of Disney princesses. It is very nice scene of the movie, while they are all so different, they teach Vanellope some special skills only princesses can learn. You can also watch how princesses become super powerful when they are together, their special talents when used wisely can change the world, including digital one!


The second part of the story is not that fancy and easy to follow. I almost cried when Vanellope decides to stay with Slaughter Race and never go back, while Ralph fights for her friends using various methods including computer virus.

While everything looks great and friends finally are clear what everyone wants, Vanellope finds new hope as her racing soul really wanted. Ralph returns back to ruin everything to impress his game folks with what he learned while visited the Internet. His conversations with Vanellope are touching and heart-warming.

Ralph Breaks The Internet is now playing in theatres across Canada, great movie to watch this holiday season.

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Hilarious Prankster Toys | Imports Dragon


If you like pranks and tease your folks, then you are lucky because new grossest and noisiest toys are available on the market. With upcoming holidays, parties and family gatherings, kids and adults are ready to spend some off time, be silly, laughs, play, make stupid pranks and have fun.

Members of The Fartist Club are masters of gaseous sounds and not embarrassed about it at all. Gassy gang of friends come to entertain with various awkward sounds grosser the better. Kids can pull their fingers or a paw for a dog for flatulent, stink-free fun, each character activates 10 different fart sounds. Each toy also features 10 second fart delay mode, a special button to push to make it work. It is prankster’s essential tool to play Hide-and-Fart. There are the characters of The Fartist ClubFarty Flip, Ripping Randy, Windy Wendy and Munchy Max.

Farty Flip is a wicked dude wearing braces with serious skateboard skills who loves to do dirty tricks with his custom-made toilet seat-deck. His board is a rolling collection of pizza and poo remains. The nasty smell is unbearable but Flip doesn’t seem to notice. As a matter of fart, he likes to rip a good bum gasser!

Windy Wendy is the smartest among her grossest friends. Besides a dubious odor interest and a degree in Smelly Science, she is obsessed with the noble art of smell experiments. Her colleagues think otherwise. To keep them out of the lab she fabricates to most vivid fart stenches imaginable.

Munchy Max is a dirty dog with no regrets. He is never embarrassed or feels uncomfortable about what he is doing. Max is confident and sure if something must go it has to be the ugliest and smelliest thing. No garbage bin is safe for Max. If there is not a foul smell on his findings, he does not trust it at all! Due to his dirty diet there is a constant flow of terrible gas eruptions from down under, but Munchy Max doesn’t mind. So, pull his paw to find out!

Munchy Max

The toys of The Fartist Club have a very good quality, and Teddy laughs when playing with them. He likes the most Munchy Max dog, because he is funny and innocent in his actions.

Imports Dragon

A gang of Best Fart Friends live in San Fartsisco and go to high scool. They have special challenge to stand up against their mean and clean school Principal Miss Brightshine. The stories about the Fartist Club are available on-line to watch here. There is also DJ Fart App available on Google Play and in App store; it allows to create different sounds and custom fart tunes.

The toys are available on Amazon, ToysRUs and select retailers across Canada.
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Monday, November 19, 2018

Disney’s Christopher Robin Movie Is Now Available on DVD/ Blu-ray Giveaway CAN | DisneyStudiosCA

Christopher Robin

Winnie The Pooh has always been children's favorite character. Honest, naive and honey-loving bear does not need any introductions as every kid loves playing with him and being his friend. But what what happens when kids grow up and become adults? What happens with their old childhood friends?

This year's Disney release Christopher Robin brings our favorite stuffed animals to life and even more to the real world. The movie follows Robin who is a grown-up, married and has a daughter. After spending long time on battle fields during World War II he returns home to re-connect with his family. Robin tries to do his best and gets a highly-stressful job as a manager working long hours to meet expectations of his team and his bosses. His daughter Madeline misses his terribly when he is at work and just want her dad spent more time, particularity summer time with her.

One day Christopher Robin tired after his job sits to relax on the bench in the park and accidentally encounters Winnie The Pooh, who turns out to be lost and looking for his friends. Robin goes back to The Hundreds Acre Woods to get Pooh back to his friends and convince them that he is not a Heffalump but their old friend Christopher Robin just grown-up. I think Eeyore was amazingly funny. The main problem is that Robin cannot stay with them, even if he wants he is grown up now. Grown up Christopher Robin has responsibilities, job, family, a little daughter and he is lost at the same time. So he returns back to work from his summer home, leaving Madeline upset he cannot spend time with her. But eventually she stumbles upon her dad's toys when she goes to play outdoor only to find out that Robin left important work paper with his stuffed animals.
 photo Christopher_Robin_zpscxf7z6z6.jpg
Madeline really wants to help The Pooh and his friends to get to her dad, because these stuffed animals are the only ones who thinks that her dad is a wonderful person and he is truly cares about her. In the world when she almost lost a hope to get her dad and be close with him, Madeline takes on a dangerous trip to find her dad, riding alone with stuffed animals, who are actually amazing creatures!

Throughout the journey the ones who lost finally found what they are looking for. I think it was not only Robin and Pooh who were lost, I think Madeline and her mom are the ones who want to find their perfect dad and a husband. Such a wonderful story how childhood memories, favorite toys and a little bit of magic can change the whole world.

The movie has lots of funny moments, Eeyore has lots to offer with his particular pessimistic attitude and remarks. You should also watch how people react to when they see talking, commenting and walking stuffed animals, and an encounter with the guy from Paddington movie.

Disney’s Christopher Robin, the wondrous, live-action film in which Winnie the Pooh and friends venture into mid-century London to help grown-up Christopher Robin, arrives instantly on Digital and available on Blu-ray™ and DVD with captivating, behind-the-scenes extras.

Now enter to win a copy of Disney’s Christopher Robin Blu-ray™ and DVD below thanks to Walt Disney Studios Canada! The giveaway is open to Canadian residents & ends November 22, 2018.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Friday, November 16, 2018

Endless Fun and Creativity Adventures with Antsy Pants Play Sets | IndigoKids

Fire Truck

There are never enough toys for kids to play, every year they become more interesting and sophisticated. In the world of digital devices, when our little one is more interested in computer games we are excited to find toys that makes children think, play, build something and ignite their creativity. Antsy Pants give endless hours of play when children can build, create and imagine.

 photo Firefighter_zps5kfvlwig.jpg

Teddy likes playing with Antsy Pants sets. For us they are two parts of the play. First one when we assemble something using Antsy Pants Snap-and-Click poles and connectors. It is actually very easy to connect poles together; Teddy did not have any difficulties with them. Poles come in different sizes and colors, so it gives opportunities to build something special starting with just few poles.

Antsy Pants Firetruck

We tried two sets; first one is Fire Truck Vehicle Kit. It includes poles, connectors and a firetruck cover. Following the detailed instructions from the booklet Teddy put connectors together, so we got kind of “skeleton” of the truck. Then we put the cover on and got amazing firetruck with cut-out windows, rollup doors and roll back roof. This set also includes a steering wheel to attach. And the truck is ready to serve and bring hours of imaginative play. Such a wonderful way for children to pretend they are firefighters and hurry to save people’s lives.

Antsy Pants Farmers Market

The second set Teddy likes to play is Farmer's Market set. This set comes without poles and connectors and it includes Farmer's Market Cover with fabric awning, counter top, write and erase sign and striped pole sleeves. To make Farmer's Market stand you need to have one of Antsy Pants Build & Play Kits to build the frame of the stand. Since we already had another Antsy Pants kit, Teddy easily made Farmer's Market stand. It is definitely fun time playing with Antsy Pants sets, they are lightweight and kids can play indoor and outdoor. Teddy can easily move Farmer's Market stand or Firefighter Truck from one room to another to play or take them to our backyard. He used Farmer's Market stand as Trick-Or-Treat station, plays fun games during weekends.

photo Farmers Market Stand

Antsy Pants kits give opportunities to kids to build structures they want, and not limited to the creations provided in the official booklet. For example, Teddy likes playing a traveller and using Antsy Pants sets he built Sentry post and London’s telephone booth for his games inspired by his visit to England and Paddington movie.

 photo Pretend Play_zpsmygartry.jpg

You can find Antsy Pants Build and Play Kits and Covers made for hours of limitless fun at Indigo stores across Canada. This fall, Indigo also features the latest Active Play line from Antsy Pants that is perfect for those soon-to-be little athletes!

Antsy Pants

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Celebrate World Kindness Day By Creating Kindness Cloud Craft | #SuperMightyMovement

Kindness Cloud

World Kindness Day is celebrated every year on November 13th. On this day, participants try to make the world a better place by celebrating and sharing good deeds. World Kindness Day was first launched in 1998 by The World Kindness Movement formed by humanitarian groups and organizations around the world. Kindness Day is not much about kindness pledge but rather small actions to express some support and care to people around us. Donating clothes, food, volunteering, helping with chores, sending cards or just saying how awesome your family and friends are make a huge difference.

If you love crafting then it is a wonderful opportunity to create something special for your loved ones on Kindness Day to show how much you appreciate them. Recently TVOKids launched new series The Super Mighty Makers. In every episode the team of kids with special powers helps to solve problems with kindness, through crafting, check more about them here.

Today we encourage you to celebrate upcoming World Kindness Day and join #SuperMightyMovement with us. For some inspiration we share how to make Kindness Cloud. It is easy and would be such a highlight of the day for your friend, family member, neighbor or teacher, same as at the end of each The Super Mighty Makers episode when Craft Kid presents his creation! You can share your own craft, we will be happy to see it!

 photo Super Mighty Makers_zpsf04nruqv.jpg

Make Your Own Kindness Cloud

What You’ll Need
  • 1 Cloud (pre-cut)
  • 6 Strips of construction paper (pre-cut)
  • Marker
  • Frame
  • Glitter
  • Glue Stick
Pick a person you want to spread kindness to and think about the things you love about them. Write their name in the cloud followed by "__________ is amazing because he/she is…"

Write a word on each piece of coloured construction paper that describes your friend (i.e. giving, funny, kind, etc.). Be sure to leave room at the top of each piece for glue.

Flip the cloud over so the written side is facing down. Place glue on the top of the written side of each colored strip.

Place the colored strips on the cloud with the written side facing down and place the colors in order from left to right. Let the glue dry for five minutes and then flip your card over to reveal your beautiful craft! You can decorate your card with glitter and stickers if you like!

Once the cloud and rainbow strips are glued together secure the craft to the inside of the frame.

Once your craft is finished, give it to your friend and remember to spread kindness wherever you go! Make sure to upload a picture to social media using the #SuperMightyMovement tag and show us how your spreading kindness in your community!
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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Build Canadian Mystery Visual With LEGO & Give Back To The Community This Holiday Season | Toronto Union

Lego Union

For 60 years the LEGO Group has been the limitless inspiration of creativity through LEGO® bricks. In celebration of the diversity and playfulness of Canada, the LEGO Group invites you to build the largest mural in the Western Hemisphere – over 40 ft x 12ft and approximately 663,552 bricks.

Starting November 12 at 1pm, brick-by-brick the community will build together to continuously reveal the mural image until the final brick is in place and the ultimate scene is revealed. To ensure that even more children can enjoy play this holiday season, LEGO Canada will donate a LEGO set, for each participant, to the Toy Mountain campaign. The completed mural will be displayed at Nathan’s Philips Square from the 3rd of December to the 23rd.

During three weeks visit Union Station to join free building activity, it is fun for all ages and it will give back to the community. Take your family, friends, co-workers and help bring this Canadian mystery visual to life. I am sure the final creation will be spectacular! Additionally this is the great opportunity to take a photo against large-scale 10 foot 3D LEGO Fireplace with chimney

Union Station (Sir John A. Macdonald Plaza)
65 Front Street W
Toronto ON M5J 1E6

Monday, November 12- Sunday, Dec 2, 2018
Times per day may fluctuate dependent on weather.

For daily times please visit Toronto Union.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Builder Brothers: Big Plans Book written by Jonathan and Drew Scott | Property Brothers

Big Plans Property Brothers

When our 3rd grader received the book Builder Brothers Big Plans, he read it in one sitting. The book about twin brothers made him curious. From the cover Teddy realized that in the story boys are going to build something special, but he was not sure what. When our boy finished reading the book and turned the final page, he realized that the story was about real brothers when they were little. Teddy was surprised because he saw Property Brothers almost everywhere, on TV, live shows, books and printing materials.

"The story is about two brothers who are determined to build something big. A treehouse? A castle? A catapult? They have a whole lot of big ideas! But no one, not even the grownups, think they can do it. They brainstorm, sketch out designs, and tinker until they have the perfect plan – a doubledecker dog house for their two dogs, Gracie and Stewie. But what will the brothers do when their big plans don’t go exactly as they had hoped?"

When Jonathan and Drew were little they had big plans for building something enormous and extraordinary. They started with the house for their dogs, worked on it, failed and started over again. Not everything was smooth and right; it took knowledge, patience, right measurements, thinking and a lot more to build something valuable. I think the book sends the good message to young kids. Every big plan starts with a dream, it may not go easily but everything is possible, and Property Brothers are the real example to follow. From design, making shopping list and building - we liked every moment of the efforts twin brothers made. They were so kind to help others.

Teddy enjoyed reading the book and recognized the cover of the book saying, he knows who illustrated this book, same who did Home Alone, amazing Kim Smith!!!

Builder Brothers Big Plans

If you find it challenging to recognize who is Jonathan and who is Drew in this story, Jonathan has a bang and Drew is not in the book.

Builder Brothers: Big Plans book comes with an original do-it-yourself building project that parents and kids can do together at home. And we are going to build it too. The book makes wonderful gift for kids this holiday season.

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Super Mighty Makers Spread Message of Kindness and Creativity Through Crafting | #TVOKids

Super Mighty Makers Show

Super Mighty Makers is new kids show that is changing the world one craft at a time! The team of In-the-field kids with special powers helps to solve problems with kindness, through crafting. From making a new student in school feel welcome, to cheering up a friend with a broken leg, or creating a care package for an elderly neighbour, or showing how much we love our family, kids are inspired to have fun and save the day with cool crafts, creativity and kindness.

SuperMightyMakers Party

Led by super-crafting host Bondini, a team of kid superheroes with special DIY powers answer the call of one special kid on a mission to make someone’s day in every episode. With each act of kindness, the Super Mighty Makers show how you can have fun and make a positive change to the lives of others.

In each episode one of four Super Mighty Makers gets the craft alert from Bondini, uber crafter, that sets off the Maker Mission! Together in the CareCraft blimp, Bondini and the Super Mighty Maker learn all about Craft Kid - who they want to help, what that person need to help with, and suggests the perfect craft to make for the situation! Then they "sparkle up", meaning, they teleport The Craft Kid to the craft studio and then they make the coolest craft together.

When the special creation has been completed, Bondini and the Super Mighty Maker "sparkle down" their friend and the person gives the craft to their beloved recipient (best part).


I had a chance to join Super Mighty Makers at the launch party in Toronto and meet amazing Mighty Makers from the series. I really liked the episodes we watched together. In our world where kindness sometimes easily forgotten Super Mighty Makers bring so much positivity and shine. Just watch how happy the recipients are when they get special crafts made for them with love and care.

Bambini  photo Faniya SuperMightyMakers

You will be surprised how easy to make crafts with Super Mighty Makers. They are so detailed and split in easy to follow steps. Kids can re-create the crafts they saw on TV at home. Make a world a better place one craft at a time!   

Tune in starting November 3rd and watch Super Mighty Makers, every Tuesday on TVO at 5:50 pm ET and repeats Sunday at 4:55 pm ET and online at TVOKids Youtube Channel.

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