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Monday, November 6, 2023

Join Prehistoric Adventures 🦕 at Jurassic World 🦖The Exhibition 2023 at Mississauga | Holiday Season ❄️

Have you ever wanted to visit Jurassic Park from your favorite Jurassic World movie, get close to magnificent creatures, hear the roars and feel vibrations from the ground? Now is your chance to visit Jurassic World The Exhibition in Mississauga. The Exhibition offers great immersive experience and dinosaur close-ups like never before. While it may be loud at some areas of the park, this exhibit it totally safe to visit. 

Earlier this year we learned a lot about dinosaurs and even met real explorers doing scientific research in Alberta. It is fascinating to learn creatures that once inhabited planet Earth - we drink the same water dinosaurs drank million years ago.

Our prehistoric journey started on a ferry heading to Jurassic Park. While on board we learned about what dinosaurs inhabit the park, how they move and what we are expected to see. Then upon arrival we were invited to pass under the iconic Jurassic Park gates accompanied by a park ranger's introduction and Jurassic Park themed music. To our surprise, the first dino we met were Brachiosaurus. Its long neck and its size make you feel tiny. You can also check the valley behind the dinosaur through the binoculars and see what is happening there. 

The park is busy with dinosaurs moving and animals growing. There is always something happening around! We encountered transportation units of dinosaurs on the way to The Lab. Hammon's Creation Lab shares the secrets of creating dinosaurs, from DNA forms, to huge eggs, to fossils and even dino excrements. 

Little paleontologists found it interesting digging through the sand and discovering fossils. They also got the chance to meet little baby dinos. I agree that there is something special for everyone at the exhibit. The most thrilling part was that you don't know where you will go next, what dinosaur(s) you are going to meet and what they are going to do.

Going through the park we were definitely impressed with the sizes of dinosaurs. The special effects and sounds make you forget that you are at the exhibit, and make you feel like you are at the real Jurassic Park. We had few scary moments for sure, like when the frightening T-rex showed up, or when street lamps started shaking, cages rattled and the power suddenly went out.

Luckily we successfully escaped to a gift shop where we found different kinds of outfits, toys, puzzles, books and posters related to Jurassic Park adventures.     

The exhibit is located at 199 Rathburn Rd West, Mississauga across SQUARE ONE Shopping Centre. For more information, please visit, The Exhibition. Jurassic World The Exhibition is organized by NEON and is open until January 7, 2024. Do not miss the opportunity to get an exciting experience like this in the upcoming holiday season! 

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