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Thursday, November 16, 2017

WONDER Movie Release & Science Experiment With Jacob Tremblay #ChooseKind


The weather is getting colder and in some parts of Canada winter is in the full swing, it is time to spend more time indoor and enjoy the coziness of our warm homes. Hot chocolate, eggnog, scarfs and sweaters are our helpers in beating the cold. It is also a good idea to visit movie theatres, there is always something to watch this time of the year with a family. New heartwarming drama WONDER, that tests the true power of kindness, is coming to the big screen on November 17th.

WONDER tells the incredible story of Auggie Pullman who, after being home-schooled for four years and suffers from a facial difference, enters the fifth grade at Beecher Prep School and does his best to be just an ordinary kid. This film is about overcoming challenges, familial bonds, bullying, and friendship. It is a must-see film that truly pulls at your heart strings and displays the amazing strength of one individual on a journey that unites a community. It’s an important film for children and parents alike.

Although Auggie faces some challenges at school, one thing that brings him joy is science.To celebrate the movie release, the film’s star, Jacob Tremblay wants to show a science experiment so that families and kids can practice it at home. Given the temperatures outside, this would be a fun and easy indoor activity to do with children! It is quite, just follow the instructions below:

Wonder JacobTremblay Science Experiment

Have fun and if you have any favourite experiments, crafts, or activities, we want to know about them! The movie opens in theatres across Canada on November 17th!

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