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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok - Life Without Hammer & Where To Make New Friends #ThorRagnarok

Thor Ragnarok

Latest Marvel superhero movie Thor: Ragnarok is smashing hard on the big screen. The story follows Thor who as usually fights somewhere for his life, trophy or glory using his powerful hammer. Then God of Thunder returns home to Asgard to find that his brother Loki is impersonating their father and having a good time. Thor catches his brother watching a theatrical play about last hours of Loki life performed by Matt Damon (that was pretty funny).

Siblings never change but Odin is sent to planet Earth. Loki and Thor travel to find their father with some help of Dr. Strange, but only to discover that the things are getting worse. Their sister Hela, the Goddess of Death, plans to destroy Thor's home Asgard and bring Ragnarok to the Universe.

Hela is not the weakest, easily smashes Thor's hammer into small pieces with one hand showing that her brothers do not fully understand what is possible in the Universe. Trying to fight her, the brothers are thrown on the Planet Sakaar. That planet, ruled by Grandmaster, is a place of gladiator-like games and Thor, found by Valkyrie , becomes one of the fighters. The story gets a new twist when God of Thunder finds out that his opponent on gladiator arena is green old buddy Hulk who stuck on the planet and has spent two years in his famous angry shape.

At this point, when everything fells apart, Thor has to use all his talents, may be he never realized he had. Thor shows he can not only throw the hummer and fight like a gladiator. It was interesting to watch how he manages to convince Hulk to help him to fight Hela and save Asgard. Hulk refuses because she is Thor's sister and they are a family, he cannot fight family member. Same situation with Valkyrie, Thor has to use all his charm, talk, inspire so that she could help him to save Asgard people who are in danger.

Thor Ragnarok movie

Thor: Ragnarok brings new perspective on Marvel characters, there are some new ones which already become favorites. Teddy liked Korg so much in the movie, saying this rock guy is really funny. This movie has more jokes than battles, even Hela, who is full of hate, anger and pain, jokes during fights.

At the end, when Asgard is destroyed, Surtur gets final fire touch on Hela, Thor and his people are on the way to find new place to live, a new era begins.

Thor: Ragnarok is now playing in theatres across Canada.

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