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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Draw Master Drawing Kit from Imports Dragon

Draw Master Marvel

Kids love drawing favorite characters form movies and animated series: superheroes, princesses, animals and plants. To help children to connect with beloved characters, Imports Dragon recently introduced new tool Draw Master designed for Marvel fans. Draw Master drawing kit helps little artists to draw a perfect picture of favorite Marvel characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and many others. Each set includes instructions, that easy to follow, Power Plates which are color coded stencils, markers, background pages and stickers to enhance your drawings.

The set is very easy to use, even little kids have an opportunity to draw something interesting. Each Power Plate color tells you what color of a marker to use. There are several stencils to use with four different coloring markers. Teddy tried Captain America & Red Skull Draw Master tool. He was able to draw the shield and Captain America outfit using stencils. The whole process is not just coloring but rather focusing on details every superhero character has. To draw the perfect picture, Teddy had properly place stencil on a background page included in the set. If your child would like to add extra features, go ahead, it is can be done with no much effort. Teddy added extra stripes on Red Skull outfit and drew a spaceship in the back without using stencils. The final picture can be customized with stickers. There are more than 50 of them to choose from the set.

Besides tools, Draw Master includes interesting character information to learn everything you need to know about your favorite superheroes! Teddy learned that Captain America's real name is Steven Rogers, and Red Skull's is Johann Shmidt!  Draw Master is available at ToysR Us Canada for only $17.99. It make a nice gift to Marvel fans this holiday season, plus it is fun activity for young children as they easily draw the perfect superhero.


  1. Nice product,great job on the video young man !

  2. This is a pretty cool product! loved your video review, your way to cute!!