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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Power Players Action Figures And Role-Play Toys From New TV Series | Imports Dragon

Power Players

Power Players is an all-new action-comedy animation series. It debuted on Cartoon Network last fall and now airing on YTV and Teletoon in Canada. The series follows adventures of nine-year-old Axel Mulligan. He is able to transform into a living action figure and with other toys he builds a hero team to fight villains and defeat threats!

Power Players

Axel's uncle is a toy inventor. Once the boy enters the secret lab in uncle's basement and discovers the Power Bandz— an incredible device that gives him the power to transform into a super-suited action figure. Axel also accidentally reactivates the Power Players, a living toy team. But besides mini-heroes the device also activated the villain Madcap, who escapes the lab and now not only toy world, but real boy's world is in danger.

Following Power Players series release on the screen, Playmates Toys developed a multi-segment toy line inspired by the show. The action figures and role-play toys give an amazing opportunity for kids to re-create the stories they watch on the screen and act like the characters of the show! We had a chance to play with some of the toys. The characters have pretty cool accessories to play. Teddy likes role-play toy set, so that he can wear it and play his pretend games.

Power Players

Sarge is a square-jawed “tough guy” toy—a military man through and through. He leads the Power Players, and when the time comes for action, Sarge has a strategy for every skirmish and a blaster for every battle! Figure comes with blaster and backpack.

Power Players

Masko has a passion for wrestling and fun—and a mask for every occasion! A champion toy with super-stretchable arms. Figure comes with additional battle mask.

Power Players

Once known as the classic super hero Might Master, when he discovered what it meant to be played with, he rebelled. Repainting his armor in dark colors, he changed his name to Madcap and promised to wreak revenge with a team of twisted toys. Now he's the nemesis of the Power Players!

Power Players

It is time to gear up like Axel with this Power Player set! This role-play gear is fun for kids to play and immerse themselves in the on-screen adventures. The set includes Axel's Power Sword, a Team Badge, and a Power Band!

Overall, Power Players assortment has 5” figures, based on the animated series characters and weapons & accessories. There are action figures for Power Players Axel, Masko, Sarge, Bearbarian, Galileo and their nemesis Madcap.

The toys designed for kids ages 4 and up. And now you can find Power Players products from Imports Dragon in Canada at ToysRUs Canada & Amazon.ca and in US at Target, Amazon.com and Walmart!

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