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Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Sci-Fi Adventure Comedy Mech-X4 Premiers This Week-end on #DisneyXD

For all science fiction fans Disney XD introduces new series Mech-X4 this week-end. The series follows Ryan, a boy with the ability to control technology with his mind (called technopathy). He is given a 150-foot robot named Mech-X4 to defend the city against invading giant monsters. To help him control Mech-X4, Ryan recruits a team that includes his two best friends, Harris and Spyder, and the last person he’d ever want to team up with; his older brother Mark.

MechX4 Disney Canada XD

We watched the trailer and one preview episode with Teddy and he likes them a lot. According to the title it looks like a fiction but I ensure you can follow adventures of four boys as they encounter the situations and act as regular boys you can meet in every school. The series filled with lots of funny scenes and settings where technology and life meet together. Through the journey boys learn how to work together, rely on each other, tease pretty often, have fun and prove that they are great team with and without special skills. The production of Mech-X4 continues and currently the series are shooting in Vancouver. Hopefully we recognize familiar and popular city spots in the episodes.  

The Mech-X4 series stars Nathaniel James Potvin, Kamran Lucas, Pearce Joza and Raymond Cham. The first episodes of Mech-X4 will air on November 12 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Disney XD.

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