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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Disney's Moana Find The Happiness In Your Heart

New animation movie Moana is opening today and I am glad to see how exciting people around the world about the release. The film tells the story about Moana, who from young age wants to explore the ocean and learn how to sail. Unfortunately her dad does not allow her to do so, as he cares about his daughter and does not want to lose her. As the girl grows, the results of past actions continue to pursuer the islands and almost reached the place where Moana lives with her family and her tribe. One day there is no choice for Moana other than to sail across the ocean and save save her people and everything around from disappearing. Brave teenage girl sails out to find the once-mighty demigod Maui who is the one why the world started to deteriorate. He stole The Heart of Te Fiti, the source of life and islands spread all across the ocean. Maui, who stole the Heart, guides Moana in her quest to become a master wayfinder and return back The Heart. They sail across the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous monsters and impossible odds, and along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she’s always sought, who she really is.


I had a chance to watch the movie and I think I had more questions than answers while watching it. I like how determined Moana to finish her missions and most of all, she does it for her parents and her people. At first it seems that only Maui can restore the Heart because he stole it many years ago. But once he gives up and leaves Moana because his fish hook is broken, I realized that Moana could save the world even without Maui. She could do it, but in the story they do it together. Their journey is not all smooth and has many ups and downs, so that Moana is almost to give up to help her family. In this journey when the girl does not even know what to do and even how to do it, a little hug and kind words can change everything.

The movie is filled with wonderful songs, they are really catchy and you want to her them over and over again. Enjoy great animation, colorful scenes and beautiful dancing. Moana is now playing in theatres across Canada.

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