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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Shakespearmint & Agatha ChrisTea Uniquely Themed Tea From #CollectTeables

Agatha ChrisTea

I drink tea from early age and tried many varieties and flavours. The tea time is not only about tea, it is a special ritual to connect, relax, slow down, put your thoughts in order and have a good chat if you have a company. Tea time should never be in a rush - come and enjoy nice flavours and a good conversation.


To bring creative approach to tea, every month Collect Teables release a new themed tea series. It includes authors, musicians, philosophers, politicians, or even animals. Each series of teas is drawn by different artists in their unique style. You can even see the artist signature on the tea foil. I had a chance to try two varieties of teas - Shakespearmint and Agatha ChrisTea. Each series comes as a limited edition and carry the message related to the character reflected on the packets. For example, Shakespearmint series show Shakespeare era along with his famous quote on the back of the packets. Agatha ChrisTea reflects what Agatha Christie is famous for her detective stories. The artists catch the most amazing peculiarities and feature them in the tea packets design. I think artists made a good job on designing tea foils presenting the perfect combination of tea and the character on one picture. Besides catchy and unique design, the tea itself is the best quality, made of organic ingredients and USDA certified. From the varieties received I like Shakespearmint (mint tea), amazing refreshing flavour and an invigorating aroma to enjoy your tea time. We are looking forward to more designs and flavours to come up. Collect Teables make perfect gift for any occasion and will be stylish and tasteful addition to any party or gathering. Your guests will appreciate your selection.

This year Collect Teables launched Kickstarter campaign to promote their unique teas. All Collect Teables are shipped box-less to reduce waste in shipping and packaging. For more information, please check Collect Teables web site.

Collect Teables

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