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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meago 4.8A Dual USB Ports Car Charger for All Major Digital Devices #meago


I often forget to charge our devices and their batteries die ridiculously fast. I have one output car charger that it is not enough for us, because each of us has a phone and a tablet.

Meago 4.8A Dual USB Ports Car Charger arrived to save us with our devices. It has dual USB ports to charge two devices at the same time, so if I forget it to do it in the evening I can have everything charged during my morning ride.

Dual USB Ports Car Charger

My favorite combination is to charge my phone and portable battery so when my ride is over I am fully equipped and do not need to think about it anymore. The best thing this charger can be used to charge all major compatible digital devices. I like that the charger has over-heating protection and made of fireproof materials because even with my regular charges the cord becomes really hot so we have to be very careful with that. The car charger will automatically stop charging when the device's battery is full. It also has a blue LED light to remind us that we need to charge our devices.

Meago Car Charger

Meago 4.8A Dual USB Ports Car Charger is made of quality materials and has aluminum finish. Available via Amazon.ca for $12.99 this adapter is a great tech accessory for everyone. For stylish folks this adapter comes in different colors to match the color of the car or a finishing inside.

Meago Dual USB Ports

For more information about the Car Charger and other products for a car, please visit Meago web site.

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