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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Good Dinosaur Movie is Great Story about Family & Friendship through Breathtaking Visuals #GoodDino #3D

I think every story related to dinosaurs is special, it is like a step into the past and a connection to what existed in real world. We can only guess what happened many years ago and only see what left of that wild, huge but lost world.

The Good Dinosaur

The latest Disney Pixar animated movie The Good Dinosaur takes us back to the time of dinosaurs with one assumption that the asteroid did not have a chance to reach the Earth. All the creatures have the whole planet to settle, live and grow their families. The story starts with Dinos family which is about to settle near the river in order to grow their three little kids. Momma and Poppa Apatosaurus teach their children to work on the farm, take care of the harvest and feed chicken almost the same way as on a regular farm. The youngest dino named Arlo (voice of Raymond Ochoa) is trying to be a great son and gain the respect of his parents and siblings. One time he receives an assignment to catch a critter that raids their corn stock at night. That particular night Arlo encounters human child Spot, unable to catch him and let the critter escape. Disappointed Poppa takes Arlo on a chase trying to show his son how to follow critters steps but soon the fierce weather takes its turn and Arlo finds himself away from his family settlement.

On the way back home Arlo needs to become friends with Spot and learn more about his past. They both find lots of things in common. Even though Arlo was lost and relatively not too far from his home, just down the river, his journey is filled with numerous adventures and sometimes are very dangerous ones. He and Spot has to fight against Raptors for their lives but meet a Tyrannosaurus Rex family that helps them on the way home. In the journey through the wilderness Arlo and Spot also meet Pet Collector, a mysterious Styracosaurus, who collect animals to protect them.

The Good Dino

The movie has really strong emotional moments: when Arlo and Spot explain each other what happened to their families, it looked like two kids trying to explain the loss in their children language using only signs, circles and sticks. Another scene when they finally cannot be together any longer, Arlo and Spot had a good time together but it is time for everyone to say bye and join their families. I like those moments to refer when explaining some tough situations to children, I can just say do you remember this and that and they understand it right away.

Directed by Peter Sohn, The Good Dinosaur is now playing in theatres and I suggest it to see it in 3D to enjoy unforgettable scenes of nature, wilderness, rain drops, mountains and a river, sometimes with a feeling that they are real.


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