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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lytton Sports Camps Fall Program Activities For Kids & Parents #Toronto

As you know Toronto was the host of Pan American games this year. It was not surprising that Canadian athletes won so many medals, just a proof that we live in the country that supports and promotes active lifestyle. We decided to attend some competitions with our son to show him the best games and performances to give Teddy a chance to check different sports and find the ones he likes the most and interested to be involved in. From the games we attended Teddy liked swimming and tennis the most because of high jumps, precise shots and speed.

PanAm Tennis

I think our children are very lucky to have so many opportunities to participate in sports activities. For example, we have two soccer fields close to our home and a tennis court at the Community Centre. Whenever we get an opportunity to play hockey, soccer or other games with our son, we always have a wonderful time together.

If you ever wanted to improve athletic skills and build some confidence in sports in your child, Lytton Sports Camps is great place to start. It offers sports programs at locations all across Toronto. Their camps are tennis focused and provide sports training of basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee and more! The programs are designed for children ages 4-16 years old for skill levels from the beginner to advance.

Crescent 2015

This fall starting November 7th, Lytton Sports Camps offers a pretty cool indoor tennis programs for children and parents at their Crescent (Bayview & Lawrence) location. The best thing that the school has Adult & Jr. package what means you and your kid can play tennis together and not just play but exercise, learn all the tricks, rules and moves of this popular sport under professional guidance. It is a fantastic opportunity to get into sports as the weather becomes colder and indoor tennis can be beneficial for both parents and children. Certified coaches and staff are there to maintain the fun while still getting the skills and exercise all kids need. This six week program takes place on Saturday and one hour long. The price is $250 and you can get $150 off with adult or sibling registration. I am very excited to join the program with Teddy, such an opportunity to learn new things.
Lytton Sports Camps

Did you know that Lytton Sports Camps is voted ‘The Best Sports Camp In Toronto’ and they are working hard to give the best in their programs. Their camp and lesson programs provide a safe and supportive environment for learning. They focus on engaging young children with fun and exciting program activities to ensure kids continue to build a long lasting relationship within sports and athletics. Children gain much more than just athletic skills, Lytton Sports Camps teaches problem management, team building, independence, confidence, physical coordination and mental well-being what is very important for every child. For more information about schedule and location please visit Lytton Sports Camps web site.

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