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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beat the Heat with Bar Brat Ice Ball Maker #BarBratIceBallMaker

Days become hot and evenings longer. Summer season invites to spend more time outside, enjoy delicious food and cold drinks. Getting cooling drinks instantly is easy with ice cubes, but even more exciting is to try different shapes like ice balls. Bar Brat company, famous on the market for their wine products, recently introduced a new and very useful product, also related to the drinks, the Ice Ball Maker.

Ice Ball Mold

For everyone who loves good cocktails or want to add a creative touch to the drinks, Bar Brat gives an opportunity to create own ice balls using special ice ball mold. The Ice Ball Maker is made of silicone for convenience and creates 4 ice balls, 4.5 cm in diameter each. The mold is very easy to use, you need to fill it with some liquid and put it into the freezer. In 4-6 hours ice balls are ready to use.

Bar Brat

You can put almost any liquid into the mold like juices, tea or flavored water and we tried different ones. It is also possible to freeze jelly or chocolate. I think it is a great way to get cool drink you want to enjoy on hot summer days. We used ice balls for liqueurs and wine, juices and SlimQuick drinks. We were able to freeze fruits, herbs, edible shapes and got an idea to create characters like Olaf and place them inside the cube, kids will love it for sure.

Ice Ball Maker

Silicone tray is a high good quality product and is perfect to take with us when we travel or to work where freezer space is limited. It would be nice to have the mold in different colors and not only in black to add some fun to the process.

This Bar Brat Ice Ball Maker is very affordable; you can buy it via Amazon for $13 when on sale. Enjoy your summer and cheers!

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