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Monday, March 23, 2015

Recover Your Data Using Disk Drill for Windows Free Application

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Disk Drill
Data recovery is one of the important tasks needed for different situations. All deleted files like Word documents, Excel files, coding pages, images and videos do not disappear permanently when you push delete button. It is good to have a chance to recover important information and give your files second life.

Another reason why the recovery procedure is needed when a hard drive, flash devices, cameras or memory cards are unreadable or damaged. There are lots of situations when computer data can be lost due to power outage, fire or flooding. We never know what can happen to our data and the best thing is to know how to recover it.

Computer data recovery services are pretty expensive, starting around $250 and up (you can check the prices in your area). My friend tried to get data from her broken computer and was billed with $300 for basic recovery service only.

I was looking for data recovery software when our preschooler accidentally deleted our photo files. I think I was lucky to find very good application called Disk Drill for Windows which is absolutely free to install and use. Disk Drill offers a scan and a recover of the data from virtually any storage device currently exists. The program performs quick and deep scan to make sure no data is lost. In addition to different storage devices Disk Drill works with various file systems: a FAT, exFAT and NTFS.

Disk Drill is quite easy to use, you can filter the storage by file type you need to recover or work with all file types. For media files there is a preview mode where you can select the lost file(s). On top section choose the location where you want the file(s) to be recovered to and the work is done. Everything is pretty clear, but it will be helpful to see some kind of support section how to use the software.

Overall, I think Disk Drill is very cool and much needed application, good thing it is free and full of great features.
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