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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Enhance Your Look with Circle Contact Lenses #lenscircle

I wear glasses since teenage age and once I tried to switch to contact lenses. I had pretty good experience with lenses but I did not consider wearing them for longer time. There were more  like temporary glasses replacement and were not considered as beauty accessories.

When I was introduced to Circle Lenses it is a start of new era of lenses in my life. Being very popular in Asia (what reminds me the BB Cream story), circle lenses are extra-wide cosmetic contact lenses which make the eye appear larger. And it is not the only of their advantages.


Lenscircle is one of the famous distributors of circle lenses has a huge selection of circle lenses varies in styles, colors and designs. They offer creative and unique way to style your look, which is prefect for parties, holidays and gatherings. It was very difficult to choose what I really like from Lenscircle selection. After trying to find a pair I like I had chosen ten and wanted them all. There is something for everyone and for any occasion.

I like Lenscircle site for navigation features where you can choose circle lenses by style and color. My first choice was World Color Contacts, green color - a beautiful blend of three unique tones of green in one lens to create a subtle, natural looking eye. The package I received from Lenscircle included lenses in sterile glass containers, a lens case, a bag and instructions how to care and apply the lenses.


My first getaway wearing World Color Contacts was movie night out. I really like how soft and comfortable they are. I do not suggest wearing them for more than four hours to avoid dryness. The other thing I liked that my eyes looked really nice without glasses, since I ordered prescription lenses. Then I wore my Lenscircle at the party, later at other special events, every time I was looking forward to wearing them. Of course, the proper care is out of question, you should treat the lenses as medical devices and take care of them accordingly. With the right care lenses will serve you for several months.

If you like to learn more about Lenscircle, please check company website. The company sells only good quality lenses.

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