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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Disney On Ice: Treasure Trove in #Toronto

Woody Disney on Ice

Disney On Ice is always a special event for us. During holiday season when Disney On Ice visits Toronto we try to be at one of their shows. This time we were excited to be at Disney On Ice: Treasure Trove performance.

Toy Story Disney on Ice Queen of Hearts army

Disney shows always better to watch in a costume and Teddy was happy to be Woody from Toy Story knowing in advance that Toy Story theme would be on stage and first one. Introduced by Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Goofey and Donald Duck, the Treasure Trove took us on breathtaking adventures on ice. Featuring favorite Disney movies and characters we were able to experience the value of friendship in Toy Story and then follow Alice in Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts’ army was pretty impressive with two–side costumes that you trying to catch which side turned out. Then talking about treasures we always come to brave Peter Pan and Captain Hook, these two characters brought lots cheer in the audience along with a huge crocodile appearance at the end of the scene.

Lion King Peter Pan

The second part with characters from the Lion King was the one which left the strong impression on our kid. I assume it was longer scene than other ones we saw that day. The following performances were much shorter and included favorite Disney princesses Ariel with catchy songs, Rapunzel, Jasmine and Tiana with romantic scenes on ice, skating smoothly with their loved ones following lovely music tunes.

Treasure Trove Ball Treasure Trove

Overall, it was a great holiday event filled with favorite characters, funny scenes, amazing costumes and spectacular jumps. Now we are looking forward to next Disney On Ice Toronto stop, totally excited what March Break performances bring us this year.

Woody Costume

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