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Saturday, January 3, 2015

COVERPLUG Innovative Electrical Outlet Cover for Baby-Proof Safety


When it comes to kids’ safety we always try to make sure that small parts are not accessible by little hands, all doors cannot be open, stairs locked, an oven latch set up and many other precaution measures every parent should follow to create safe environment for little babies. Few years ago when we tried to find something to have our electrical sockets covered for a reasonable price, our choices were plastic inserts which only break your nails or blank plates mostly for electrical outlets we do not use.

These days for our curious little kids ready to explore this world we finally found the perfect cover – COVERPLUG. This new and innovative plastic outlet cover keeps our electrical sockets totally unreachable for kids. They are so easy to use and no tool requires for installation and removal (bye screwdriver). A child is not able to pull it for sure even our preschooler cannot do that, even though he knows he should not. Right now when lots of my my friends have babies and come to visit us we are definitely have baby proof room and safely can let babies to walk and crawl around. 


COVERPLUG are made of a special plastic material that is paintable, so if you decide to have your wall in pink or green, the outlet covers can be painted too making your electrical outlets virtually disappear plus adding some aesthetic touch to your rooms.

Keeping your little one safe from hazards with COVERPLUG is convenient and stylish what we really appreciate. The price for the two- pack is pretty good $8.50, but I’d rather see a bulk set for the whole house to cover including our backyard electrical outlets for BBQ and other activities.

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