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Monday, November 25, 2013

Seasonal Driving Tips from Insurance Hunter

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With first snow and colder weather I notice that conversations about seasonal driving become hot topic at the office, in stores and other places. In Canada we always have to be ready for severe weather conditions especially in winter and prepare in advance for driving in snow and ice.  

With school year start we definitely have more kids and youth on the road as pedestrians, passengers and even drivers, we and our cars need to be ready for any weather conditions. We take our little one to multiple activities during school year so we have regularly check the car and prepare to drive it safely in snow, storm and rain.

Sessonal Driving Tips

I was very glad to come across Scott Marshall’s article on Insurance Hunter website: “Preparing your vehicle for winter starts in the Fall”. After reading I realized that even after all my preparations I still had some things undone. I put my tires in advance; I prepared a winter driving kit - a long handle snow brush with scraper, a blanket, shovel, a flashlight, batteries, a bag of sand and shovel.  And I definitely had an inspection with our mechanic. But I agree with Scott Marshall that I did not think much about windshield wipers, I totally forgot to check them - the last couple of days when snow hit the city I realized that we need to change them. I also did not think much about a possible breakdown so personal survival kit received extra pair of boots, non-perishable food items, and a kid blanket.

Being properly equipped for winter is very important as extra precautions never hurt.  And most important always put safety as your first priority especially when bad weather approaches. Check weather forecast along with possible road closers before leaving your house.

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