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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brobo Trex - Soft and Shiny Guard

Teddy Brobo Trex
May be something in Trex’s smile makes him so cute and attractive? Trex is one of Brobo’s lovely night light plush with shiny heart, which became Teddy’s light and huggable cutie. This orange dinosaur toy is so soft and adorable you cannot help from hugging him. If you swipe his right hand over Trex chest you can see his Shine Force light, the brightest mode is for adventures, a dim one for sleepy moments and the third tap turns the cutie off. Trex is also auto-off after 5 min from first two modes which is great when our little boy falls asleep so they both are ready to see sweet dreams (may be becoming pro soccer players and playing in one team).

Teddy Trex

Teddy loves playing with Trex and shows how Trex works to everyone visiting us and online via Skype to his Grandparents and cousins. This orange cuite also became Teddy’s friendly night light when my little one needs to visit a bathroom or when he suddenly awake at night (feeling sick or just woke up because of thunderstorm or other sounds), Teddy just touches the chest of the toy and light is here to save him.

Teddy with Trex Teddy with Trex smiling

Recommended for kids 18+ months, Trex is powered by 3 AA batteries to bring the LED heart-light to life. Nice to find out that Trex is not alone in his adventures, there are a whole family of Brobo characters: Mumu - night-light mummy, Dog –lovely blue puppy, Pep - a girl robot and Brobo – cuddly red robot with big eyes. I know that kids loved our Trex when visited us for trick-or-treating on Halloween. With upcoming holiday season I am sure that all Brobo characters will make great gifts for any brave kid. Just take a look and find your favorite cuitie here.

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  1. Too cute! I know a little boy that would love one of these!! He certainly does look huggable. :)