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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Enjoy Your Summer and Do Not Have Sunburns with Sunscreen Bands

 Sunscreen Bands PTPA Winner
The sun during summer time is truly inviting but can be dangerous and painful if do not take measures to protect your skin. Summer is full of outdoor activities for kids and adults: camping, fishing, swimming, gardening, travelling and a mass vacationing. That’s why we were really excited to receive and test Sunscreen Bands.

With our multiple outing habits, we decided to try them first on a playground during one sunny day. The Bands are easy to use so we applied sunscreen, put on one band and we were ready to continue our fun activities. The day was hot but thanks to combination of splash and a play area in one spot my little one was busy running back and forward. It was great to find out that Sunscreen bands work both - dry and wet, meaning they can be used during water activities as well.

PTPA Winner Sunscreen Band

After a while band color started to change pointing that it is time to reapply the sunscreen. For my little boy I use kid’s sunscreen with SPF 30, so I reapplied several times during the day. It was interesting to catch that without the band I did not apply the sunscreen all these necessary times since I relied only on my guess what it was the time to reapply. I honestly was happy to have such a sun exposure measurement; I even call these sunscreen bands as “scientific” indicators.

My son is only three and kids of this age have more sensitive skin than adults so having the bands only reminded us that we need take care of kids when going out. Talking about adults I was also glad to learn that Sunscreen Bands are great for the whole family, they do not only alert to reapply your sunscreen, they also warn when it is time to get out of the sun which is awesome especially when spending much time outside relaxing on a beach, fishing or gardening. Now we do not need to ask our Granddad to leave a fishing spot during sunny day multiple times we just ask him to show his Sunscreen Band.

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