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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DaddyScrubs: Perfect Gift for Dads-To-Be

Every day lots of men are becoming new dads and new babies miraculously join this wonderful world. And every new dad needs to feel comfortable and confident when helping mom in a delivery room. One of the best products to fulfill that to my opinion is DaddyScrubs, the comfy clothes for a father to wear in a hospital. New dad worries and excitement, willingness to help the new mom and be ready for immediate support, all these have to be backed up with cozy and relaxed clothes.

We received green color DaddyScrubs for testing which included pants and a top, very comfortable to wear. They are a very good quality and do not shrink after washing. My husband liked drawstring pants the most, because they are adjustable according to the waist. Everything can happen in a delivery room, a new family can spend from few hours to several days in a hospital, so Daddy Scrubs is the best outfit for any situation. Also we all like adorable printing messages saying “I am the Daddy” on the back, “Dad” on a pocket and cute baby feet on pants along with DaddyScrubs logo.

I wish we had DaddyScrubs when my first baby was born, that time I ended in the emergency care and daddy had to take care of all of us. After the special day DaddyScrubs can be used as pajamas or home wear. And it will be a perfect present for any expecting family, new dad will appreciate your gift later for sure. In terms of achievement I am happy to share that recently DaddyScrubs received PTPA Media Award. Congratulations!

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