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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Teddy at Babies"R" Us Vendor Fair

Last month Teddy and me were so excited to attend Babies"R"Us Vendor Fair. There were so many products from the brands we love and buy like Fisher-Price, Graco,  Medela, Peg Pérego, Philips/Avent, Quinny, Safety 1st and many others. It was  parents and babies paradise with strollers, bikes, toys, furniture, car seats and other necessary items. We stayed till the end of the fair and here are some highlights of our journey.

Teddy is a little explorer who learns everything by touching, trying, moving. At the fair he  enjoyed playing with balls of different sizes and shapes, gardening tools to dig and rake with thanks to amazing spring and summer outdoor activities toys from Maui Toys, eye-catching, colorful and unique. Ball Bounce & Sports (Canada) Inc. booth also had so many colorful balls, that Teddy was ready to play with them all.

For kids play is not just a fun and amusement it is also a source of  physical development and education. Soccer, hockey, basketball - Teddy likes them all.

Riding, jumping and climbing are the activities toddlers practise every day. Young farmer Teddy was ready to start his spring work on John Deere Utility Tractor, jump into kids cars and bikes and show that big boy was ready for Outdoor Adventures. For cool kiddos smarTrike trike is equipped with a phone, so Teddy was not shy and called his friend Pooh to share his experience at the Fair. PlasmaBike and PlasmaCar were so awesome to ride, Teddy did not want to stop driving.

Every kid loves riding on a wagon so Teddy is not an exception, he even took a buddy to ride with him.

Cooking in little tikes kitchen was an incredible experience for little chef, here Teddy was allowed to turn on the stove, open the oven and play with little forks, spoons, knives and cups. Shopping cart was also handy in case we were running out of something in the kitchen.

One of the "real" stuff play for Teddy was a baseball game at Play Station booth, he did not hit it right but was so excited to play.

We were glad to meet our old friends from Star Wars, we met before at Vaughan WinterFest.

We were very happy to be at the fair, happy that our favourite store Babies"R" Us  has such an amazing vendors dedicated to parents and kids, bringing so much excitement to our life and helping us grow up our little babies.

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  1. Love all the ride-on toys!! The tractor - oh my gosh, too cool!