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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Lorax and Teddy

One March week-end we went to watch the movie The Lorax in 3D with Teddy. It was highly anticipated event.

We met the Lorax himself at Kids-Fest and the Outdoor Adventures Show, he gave Teddy a moustache and a tree-like pencil  same as in the movie to play with. The Lorax movie was very nice, colourful and spectacular. Lots of music songs I had a feeling it was a music show. 

The Lorax's role was not the leading one and I expected more 3D effects to enjoy. But anyway my boy Teddy, having the same name as the boy in the move, watched the Lorax till the end and we enjoyed it a lot.

What make this movie special and must seeing -  is it's idea. The idea that we need to teach our children to save and protect the environment, plant trees and think not only about our needs, but also about the nature and wild life. We definitely need more movies like the Lorax to send a message across the world, because these days movies sometimes are better teachers then schools and parents.

We got a garden kit for Teddy to plant  flowers this spring. We want him to plant seeds, water them, take care of them and watch every day how they grow and eventually blossom. May be one day the Lorax shows up in our backyard.

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