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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Teddy's Birthday Celebration and other February Events 2012

Spring is already in Toronto, but we still have a feeling that winter holds our minds. February was a busy month, full of Fests like Vaughan WinterFest, Kids-Fest and other interesting events.

Our major February event was Teddy's Birthday, he turned two this month, a big boy. Two years passed so fast, I still remember my little boy I was holding at the hospital. And when people wanted to see my baby just for curiosity  I jealously tried not to show him saying that baby could wake of the noises. These two years were not the easiest ones but I think the happiest in my life.

So here are highlights of our Birthday Celebration:

The frist stop in our celebration was Chucke E. Cheeze's. Going there on work day in the afternoon was the right choice, it was not so crowded as usually, all games and rides were easily accessible. I like Chucke E. Cheeze's for their rides and games split by zones, like the Toddler Zone was the perfect area to play for Teddy.

Next stop was Montana's, as everyone was hungry and wanted a quiet atmosphere.

And the last stop was home where we finally took out our Birthday Cake (for Teddy treasure was the toys on the Cake not the Cake itself)

Another exciting February event or day I want to mention is Family Day. The day when families spend time together. Many venues invite people to enjoy this day (if you are lucky a day off) with them.  Shows, attractions and events welcome families around the city.
This year the weather was so nice on Family Day , so we cancelled all our indoor activities, and spent our day outside at the playground. Sun, snow and fun, that's what we wanted and found that day.

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