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Monday, December 13, 2021

Sesame Street: Wonderful World 🌎 of Friends🍪💙 DVD Review | Shout! Kids

Friends are important! Friends help you celebrate good times and support you during bad times. With friends we cry, laugh, smile and open up ourselves. What would a world be without friends? Boring, lonely and empty!

Let's celebrate friendship with Sesame Street! Join Elmo, Big Bird, Rosita, and their friends to learn about music, food, and more from around the world! New DVD release Sesame Street: Wonderful World Of Friends from Shout! Kids and Sesame Workshop take you on wonderful adventures of friendship, family and traditions. The segments from Sesame Street show that you can be a friend even with someone living far away. It is nice to spend time with friends, sing, dance and attend events together.  

Kids can watch how interesting it is to celebrate cultural traditions from around the world. Sesame Street transforms into International Food Festival place and invites visitors to try different types of food and find their favorites. You never know if you are going to like something until you try it. There are different types of food from India, Japan, Mexico and China. Furry monsters were very happy to join! There were special noodles, cookies, snacks and more! 

Telly, Zoe and other Leela's Sesame Street friends help her celebrate the Indian holiday Rakhi, when brothers and sisters make special bracelets for each other. 

And then Rosita decides to write her own book about what it means to be Mexican to her, because other books about Mexicans were about siesta, a burro and a sombrero. Rosita's friends help her a lot to write her book and then they sing it together.

There are many great special guests like Alessia Cara, Billy Porter, Josh Groban, and John Legend who joined this celebration of friendship! This release includes lots of amazing songs about friends and friendship!  

Sesame Street: Wonderful World Of Friends is now available on DVD and digital download, you can get it from Shout! Kids, Amazon, Target and other retailers. 

Sesame Street: Wonderful World Of Friends DVD Bonus Features include: 
  • A Very Sesame Thanksgiving 
  • The Magical Wand Chase: A Sesame Street Special