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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Green Beaver Natural Fluoride-Free Collection Toothpastes 🦷 For The Whole Family | Moms Meet

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Last couple of years changed our attitude towards health and lifestyle. More and more people started rethinking their life, working habits, and switching to healthier lifestyles by exercising and using more natural and sustainable products. We realize that there are many local, Canadian companies that work hard to benefit our health, communities, and economy.

Launched in 2002, Green Beaver, a family company, was committed to offer only natural and safe products to their consumers. Over the years the company developed and designed the products by sourcing only natural and organic ingredients, safe for the families and for the environment. The company produces a wide range of personal care items including  soaps, face care, sunscreens, body care, antiperspirants and dental care for both kids and adults. We often buy Green Beaver products, mostly cleansers and lotions to sooth skin irritations. 

Recently we had a chance to try their natural fluoride-free toothpastes. They are enriched with calcium and antioxidant vitamin C to maintain good oral hygiene. 

Green Beaver
toothpastes offer gently clean, whitening and enamel protection with 100% natural ingredients. You can see the difference once you start using them. I like that Green Beaver products are non-GMO, free of artificial flavours and dyes, and do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. 

There is a whole line of amazing natural flavors to choose from, honestly speaking, it was very hard to choose the favorite, we like them all. I tried the Fruity Orange and Green Apple flavors first. With Fruity Orange you feel like you have a fresh orange flavor in your mouth, so natural and fresh feeling. Same comes with Green Apple flavour, you enjoy freshness of the fruit. Then I tried Extra Whitening Mint toothpaste, I like that it whitens teeth naturally and mint gives a refreshing feeling long time after you finish brushing your teeth. 

Do not worry if you accidentally swallow your toothpaste. All Green Beaver ingredients are safe and can be swallowed, even for little ones, which often happens to toddlers who start learning how to brush their teeth!  

Safe and natural products are what we seek for our children. We use personal care items daily and do not want to expose our family members to harsh chemicals, artificial flavors and sweeteners. I am glad that Green Beaver offers child fluoride free toothpastes for little ones. 

Teddy tried the Strawberry flavour and the Bubble Gum flavour toothpastes. These are naturapeutic toothpastes designed for kids made from real strawberries and real cherries respectively. Now I understand why kids like these flavours. They contain xylitol which comes from birch extract and helps fight bacteria that cause cavities. I know how hard it is to convince children to brush their teeth but only until they get the flavour they like. Happy Teddy found his favorite flavour and hopefully this will help to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and get a praise from his dentist.  

Though Green Beaver fluoride-free toothpastes we tried do not foam as other toothpastes, I am fine with it and Teddy did not even notice that.

Green Beaver 100% natural, fluoride-free toothpastes are available to purchase online at greenbeaver.com or in store at Loblaws, Jean-Coutu, Healthy Planet,  Sobeys, IGA Rachelle-Berry, Shoppers Drug Mart, and London Drugs. Green Beaver toothpaste typically retails for $6.99–$7.99 CAD.

Save 25% off any purchase of Green Beaver toothpaste at greenbeaver.com with promo code GBSmile25, expires November 30, 2021. Plus get free shipping with orders over $35 CAD. 

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