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Monday, April 23, 2018

Wacky Races: Start Your Engines Season 1 Volume 1 is Out For High-Speed Good Time | Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.
Wacky Races Ted

From Warner Bros. Animation, the legendary Hanna-Barbera animated series Wacky Races is back and better than ever, in an all-new, re-imagined edition the whole family can enjoy together. Wacky Races: Start Your Engines Season 1 Volume 1 is coming out on DVD & features 10 exciting episodes.

Everyone’s favorite racers from the original series are hitting the road with a brand-new set of vehicles, colorful characters and adventures that will appeal to all ages.

Inspired by the classic series, these 10 adventures are jam-packed with fast, furious fun! In this new release you can watch how racers participate in various racing competitions any season of the year  and weather conditions. Watch how wacky folks ride snowmobiles or water-boats, small cars and huge vehicles. Though the racers compete with each other all the time and they all like one fun family together. And the characters are always true to their personalities. Dick Dastardly always has sneaky tricks for his buddies to be first to win the races, Penelope Pitstop is charming all the time and The Gruesome Twosome Team do not speak much but probably think a lot!

Wacky Races Warner

Race around the world with this wacky bunch, where the laps and the laughs don’t end ‘til the finish line! Brick Crashman covers most of the racing events of wacky racers. When the folks are not in drivers seats you can find them in Italian village eating and drinking so much food that they cannot fit their vehicles after. Along with main characters Penelope Pitstop, Peter Perfect, I.Q.Ickly, Dick Dastardly and Muttley, The Gruesome Twosome Team who participate in races all the time, you also meet Pandora, Penelope's sister, Patty Pending and many others.

Featuring a talented voice cast that includes Diedrich Bader, Nicole Parker, Peter Woodward, Billy West and Tom Kenny, your favorite racers like Penelope Pitstop, Peter Perfect, the diabolical Dick Dastardly and his snickering side-kick Mutley are here – alongside new-comers Princess Mimi and Captain Crankshaft and his Skeleton Crew.

Rev up your engines and get ready for a thrilling ride! Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s release of Wacky Races: Start Your Engines Season 1 Volume 1 is speeding its way onto DVD April 24, 2018.


  1. Fantastic video young man,I think my grandson would enjoy this!

  2. I loved watching this on tv when I was a kid! I'd forgotten all about it.

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