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Monday, December 4, 2017

WISP Cleaning System - Getting Ready for Holidays & New Year

miniWISP Cleaning

Most of us don't like cleaning, but everyone loves to live in a clean house. Cleaning can take lots of time and considering how busy our life is, everything what saves our time, more efficient and lasts longer is very welcome. You probably watched various commercials with super cleaning devices coming out on the market every year. I am quite skeptical about them after I bought advertised exceptional microfiber mop and it was just waste of money.


This time I was pleased with the quality and design of The WISP cleaning items. We have two birds so when we were offered to try not just cleaning device but a system, it was great opportunity to join. The WISP Cleaning Set comes with a WISP broom, WISP pan, a holder to do major cleaning work at home, and miniWISP which consists of a pan and a brush to clean smaller messes.

WISP Broom

So what makes WISP to stand out of other cleaning tools? I agree that the broom has a great handle which can be adjusted from 21" to 52". You can use it with one hand. The WISP pan is very convenient to use, you do not need to bend many times, just keep it in place with your foot on it when collecting the mess. If you are young, you probably do not pay attention to it, but our seniors like this feature, so they do not need to bend multiple times while cleaning. But the most impressive are dense electrostatic bristles which can be found on WISP broom and miniWISP brush. The WISP broom dense bristles attached at 90° angle to effectively trap hair, dust, allergens, feathers and other items. Our birds' feathers often can be found everywhere around the house. Since feathers are lightweight, it can be a challenge to clean. They are always floating around and then stick to something you really do not want to. That's why we needed something like WISP to clean our rooms. WISP broom can pull the hair and feathers with fewer chances to escape. It is very useful when trying to clean carpet. I also noticed that though WISP broom bristle are dense, they do not scratch surface and effectively work on multiple surfaces like hardwood, laminate, carpet and tiles.


MiniWISP is a mini cleaning superhero we got in a set. I like how easily we can clean furniture with it. Its bristles are dense and powerful. Plus when it comes to mini toys like legos, shopkins and other tiny items, miniWISP works like a magic. I also like how a brush and a pan can be attached to each other to take less room. Very helpful cleaning tool to keep in garage, car or even in your bag.

WISP Cleaning

I am glad we had a chance to try WISP Cleaning products, I like its bristles for being strong and durable. The only thing I did not use is a hanger. I think I do not need it for now.

You can get more information about The WISP products by visiting TheWISP.com, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The company often posts discount codes and promotions. The WISP ships to Europe, Canada and US (11 countries in total). Canadians can purchase the set on Amazon.ca with free shipping for $53.95 CAD.



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