.@TeddyOutReady: Get Outdoors, Jump & Celebrate Summer With Springfree Trampolines #SpringfreeYYZ

Monday, June 26, 2017

Get Outdoors, Jump & Celebrate Summer With Springfree Trampolines #SpringfreeYYZ

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I think every child loves jumping on trampoline. It is such a fun activity to enjoy and kids do not need to have special skills for that. Even little babies love jumping on trampoline. Though there is a huge selection of trampolines on the market, finding a reliable one is the big deal. Unless you want to record next American Funniest Video on trampoline, the safety is the first priority for this favorite children outdoor activity.

Springfree Office

I heard so many positive feedback on Springfree Trampolines, especially how safe they are and recently we had a chance to try a whole bunch of them at Springfree Headquarters in Markham thanks to Karen from Mommy Connections West Toronto. They were invented by father and engineer who was concerned about safety and decided to design a trampoline that reliable and safe for his kids. The latest line of Springfree Trampolines comes in different shapes and sizes with purpose to bring fun play and be safe. Trampoline is amazing play outdoor equipment for kids as it does not take much space in comparison to the size of the gym. You can install it in the backyard and keep kids busy for hours. It is perfect physical activity. Teddy was happy and tired after one hour of jump.


For the safety Springfree Trampolines do not have strings, they designed with flexible composite rods instead and lie beneath the jumping surface. The metal frame is located beneath the jumping surface so kids cannot land on it. Flexinet provides flexible safety enclosure and made from durable but soft materials to prevent falls to the ground and keep jumpers safe. And the best thing - you can jump all year round, Springfree Trampolines easily survive winter and provide fun activities to kids when snow and colder weather hit the streets. We never tried but really want to do it one day.

Spider Man Springfree Trampoline

During the event we definitely had lots of fun. Wonder Woman and Spider Man were in attendance. Spider Man showed us really great jumps to prove he is the real one. Another feature Teddy liked a lot in trampolines is Smart Play experience. Four sensors on the trampoline mat connect wirelessly to a tablet. Using the body as the controller, the sensors track movement creating interactive experience. It is called tgoma and it provides a set of activities from math and language to trivia and other things which can be downloaded and tracked via sensors. Plus the games have different levels of difficulty so kids can learn & jump at the same time. There is also basketball hoop to combine your jump activities with the game.

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I want to add that Springfree Trampolines are not only for kids, adults can use them and have fun with kids as well. For more information about Springfree Trampolines please check here and follow on Facebook or Instagram for latest updates. They offer a wide selection of trampolines for every family and every backyard.

Happy Jumping!

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Photos Credit: Claudia Agudelo Photography