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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Personalized Mug from 5amily

I like personalized products especially the ones we use every day. They show that every person is unique and as gifts express love and care. Recently I received this cool mug from 5amily. It has my name on it and reflects what I like to do in my life: Drink chocolate, Cook and take Naps.

Mug Personalized

Speaking about my mug, I like it a lot. although it looks like regular 11oz. ceramic mug, the prints are well-made and good quality with glossy finish. I also like the company makes two prints, so no matter how you hold your mug you can see the message and other people can see it too (sometimes it very important). The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, quite helpful for our busy lifestyle to warm up coffee, tea or milk for kids.

5amily company carries a wide selection of products you can personalize: from mugs, tees to bags and phone cases, everything to add a cute personal touch. It is only words on the items but very powerful ones. If you need some help with wording, 5amily has a very helpful short survey that gives you ideas how to personalize your items. It can be made for you or other people, based on hobbies, lifestyle, profession or even zodiac sign. 5amily also offers very funny, and I even say, sharp wording, that you can say OMG, exactly what I want to see on my tee or mug.

5amily mug

5amily products make wonderful gifts for any occasion. With upcoming holidays like Mother's Day, Easter or St. Patrick Day, personalized items are an excellent way to express appreciation and love. Plus they are very good quality and pretty affordable. 5amily often offers discounts to their customers. The company ships worldwide and provides quick delivery to shoppers in Canada, US and Australia.

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