.@TeddyOutReady: Beaver Tails Offer Delicious Canadian Treats All Year Round

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Beaver Tails Offer Delicious Canadian Treats All Year Round

Beaver Tails Toronto Store

Beaver Tails is the iconic Canadian maker of delicious pastries. We always treat ourselves with beaver tails, bites and other goodies when visit Toronto Zoo, Canada’s  Wonderland or festivals and events across Ontario. Beaver Tails trucks are always ready to provide unique and popular pastries to the customers. We never had a chance to visit Beaver Tails store until this winter. This year we decides to spend some time at Harbourfront, skating at Natrel rink, enjoy sunny weather and try delicious tails in the store located at 145 Queens Quay West, Toronto.

Beaver Tails Menu

Though it was Sunday afternoon, the store was packed with customers. We had a chance to snag a table near the window and enjoy beautiful views along with delicious food.  We ordered a tail with maple flavoured spread, a poutine, beaver bites, hot chocolate, beaver bites and Moozoo smoothie. After skating even ice-cream and gelato are welcome. Though a poutine did not impress me much, everything else was amazingly delicious. The pastries reminded me old grandma treats. I like the option to customize your selection, add extra spread, cinnamon sugar, sprinkles, syrup or banana slices.

Beaver Tails Bites Beaver Tails Poutine Beaver Tails Order

Beaver Tails’s fried dough, which became extremely popular across Canada, is now available in US,  Japan, South Korea and Dubai. Company's family recipe is still the unbeatable favorite for almost 40 years. We are always teasing kids that they are eating beaver tails, but not to be scared, the treats are only resemble the tail of a beaver made of whole wheat. Cooked on high quality canola oil, Beaver Tails pastries are served hot. The only thing I noticed that when we visit a store we eat more of treats than when we usually buy from the kiosk. Plus Moozoo smoothies are our new favorites, made of organic orange or natural lemonade.

Teddy at Beaver Tails store Beaver Tails Decor Inside Beaver Tails Harbourfront

While a waterfront patio is closed for winter, we are looking forward to visiting the store when the weather will be warmer. This location at Waterfront has lots to offer, and if you haven’t visited it yet, highly recommend. Deliciously friendly & so much to do & see around!   

Beaver Tails Pastry store Beaver Tails instagram

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