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Monday, August 15, 2016

You are Invited to #OokaReads Back To School Twitter Party

New school year means new outfit for our growing fast kids, new gear, new plans and goals. With a shiny pair of skechers, swimming glasses or a hockey stick, children are getting ready for a new chapter in their life, more efforts to make and more time to spend learning new subjects.

I think Teddy missed his school a little this summer. Even after all fun slides and rides he wanted to learn something new. Ooka Island App is what Teddy can endless talk about, what he likes and what is not. All the games, tasks, elves he meets, playground and other interesting and engaging places he visits every time on the island are to teach him to read. Learning path is unique for every child, you may use different methods, ways and approaches to teach them. If you are willing to discuss what it takes to teach a child, then join us on Tuesday, August 16th at 8 pm-9 pm EST for our Back To School twitter party.

We want to help kick off the best school year ever for our children. Share your experience with other parents or learn how to prepare your child for Back To School. Just follow #OokaReads hashtag & @ookaisland!

OOKA Island Party

There will be great prizes to win:
1 year Ooka Island subscription,
1 year Ooka Island subscription plus a set of books, and
1 year Ooka Island subscription with set of books and an iPad mini!

Open to USA and Canada. NO RSVP required.

Join the #OokaReads twitter party for tips on getting ready for the school year!

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