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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

StickerKid: High Quality Personalized Name Labels for Kids #stickerkid

Water Bottle

Children are back to school and our boy was excited to join his preschool class in Senior Kindergarten. New school year also came to us with all kinds of sport activities, art and music classes making our life very interesting but stressful sometimes. Have you counted how many times your kids lost their belongings? Our SK teacher mentioned once that there a pile of clothes and items in the class without any label to identify the owner. And what about all hockey gear, skates, gloves, hats, mittens, accessories and shoes mixed up, lost and thrown away only because there is no way to find whom those items belong to.

StickerKid Labels

To make parents and children lives easier and less stressful, StickerKid developed attractive and durable labels and stickers to clearly identify children's clothes, shoes, bottles and other stuff needed for daycare, school, camp and other activities. StickerKid, founded by an amazing Swiss-German family, established almost 11 years ago and have over 100 000 satisfied parents with their label products. StickerKid staff spent lots of time working with materials and creating the labels which are: dishwasher safe, microwave safe, water resistant, stick to the surface even in a freezing temperature.
StickerKid clothes

We ordered Value pack for Teddy - it is the best in price and varieties. We always need to label Teddy’s clothes, activities gear, lunch bag containers, water bottles, accessories and even his tablet. StickerKid offers a wide selection of characters, fonts and colors to fit your kid’s lifestyle and preferences. There are lots of logos to choose from allergy alerts to superheroes and food characters. I also like the option to add extra information in addition to first and last name, like phone number, e-mail address or a short message.

We tried stickers with different items and liked how durable they are. It is good idea to have the labels of different shapes to personalize kids belonging, bigger ones for bottles and bags, and smaller ones for clothes, outerwear and stationary. The labels are perfect for organizing and definitely saves time when packing at school after a break, lunch time or heading home. It is nice to have pretty labels instead of permanent markers writing. After your stuff is not needed or your kid simply grew up  you can easily detach a label and give your items to younger cousins or nieces.


Stickerkid ships to Canada only for $1.95 CAD, you can order on-line via their web site: http://www.stickerkid.ca/ca_en/. For our readers we are glad to offer a discount code thanks to amazing folks at Stickerkid. You can get quality personalized labels and receive 10 % discount with on-line code: 10StickerKidAT_47. It is valid until 30/10/15, just insert it in a shopping card when check out. If you have any questions, please contact StickerKid directly via e-mail at support@stickerkid.com.

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