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Friday, May 15, 2015

PopSockets - Convenient & Stylish Phone Grip and Stand #PopSockets

Pop Socket Texting Grip

A PopSocket is one of the coolest phone accessories you can find right now on the market. It is a phone grip and phone stand for mobile devices that expands and collapses the way similar to folding toys. You can easily “pop” a PopSocket whenever you need a phone stand, a phone grip or cord wrap for your earphones. I received PopSocket custom pair that included two buttons to attach to my iPhone 5S. Since company offers so many designs to choose from flags, animals, nature to various characters and mosaics my design choices were colorful for each of the buttons.

Pop Socket Stand

PopSockets come with PopTek adhesive pad which attaches really well to my phone. We removed and attached the buttons again and the result was the same - reusable, residue-free, adhesive gel works perfectly to stick PopSockets firmly to the phone. You can always reposition your buttons to find the most comfortable spot and use only one PopSocket if you like.

Pop Socket Media Stand

I found it is pretty helpful during our trips or in some situations when I do not need to use hands or in opposite, I need to have a firm grip of the phone for texting or games. PopSocket is 38 mm (1.5 inches) in diameter and 6.3 mm (.25 inches) when collapsed. A PopSocket has three levels of “expansion”, first one when it almost flat stick to your phone, next one pull a little to pop it up and the last one when PopSocket is pulled to a max level.

Pop Socket Cord Wrap

Overall, I think PopSocket is an amazing accessory to your phone noting that it can be used with any mobile devices. It is perfect for everyone who loves cool features and uses devices very often. I think you can always spot your phone thanks to the variety of designs PopSockets offer.

PopSockets PopSocket


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