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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saving for a Child’s Postgraduate Education in Canada

Spring is on the way and the weather is becoming warmer and nicer. Schools and students are preparing for exams, graduation, proms and parties. When we sent Teddy last year to Junior Kindergarten, we were quite emotional to realize how fast kids grow. Only yesterday our boy was a little baby and now he reads, writes and wants to learn more about this world. Our children grow fast, and in a blink of time they are becoming adults, valuable members of our society ready to bring and contribute the best they have.


I have probably come to the topic of education already, as it’s circulated across the media and it crosses every parents mind when they have a new baby. It’s all about Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), and putting aside funds for when our children graduate high school. Our kids all have special talents and unique skills and we want them to follow their passions. The inability to fund their education can stop them from reaching their full potential.


It would be amazing if our children could do what they love for a living, while having the desire to learn. Post-secondary education is not the cheapest and every year it becomes more and more expensive. As parents we have to do everything to make sure we have the necessary funds for our children's post-secondary education.

Education truly is the greatest gift we can give to our kids. The first step to saving for your children’s future education is to choose a Registered Education Savings Plan Provider. There are many banks and multiple financial institutions to choose from and some of these services can charge high fees (Canadians pay the highest investment management fee in the world – 2.42%). That means your hard earned money saved for your children’s education goes in the pocket of the advisor managing the money. If you’re interested in learning more about RESPs and paying less in fees, it is time to check Wealthsimple.


Wealthsimple is a Canadian financial institution offering a wide range of investment options, like RESPs. Their mission is to make simple, low-fee investing accessible to everyone, regardless of net worth or financial knowledge. When it comes to RESPs, Wealthsimple offers advice and guidance to meet the future needs of your child.

Starting to save early on for your child’s education is beneficial for your child to achieve their dreams. It is great to take advantage of government assistance to match your contributions too.

For more information, please check Wealthsimple online, reach them by email support@wealthsimple or phone at 1 (877) 222-7473. Start saving today towards your kid’s dream future!

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