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Friday, November 7, 2014

Big Hero 6 - Shake Things Up #BigHero6

Big Hero 6

Do we need more heroes? Stronger and faster, able endlessly fight with sophisticated weapons? What about lovely, huggable and caring robot-nurse ready to help you on physical and emotional downturns. The one, who’s expert system is so powerful to analyse your situation, problem and react accordingly.

Welcome new Disney animation comedy about gifted boy Hiro who is a young techie exploring the world. We find him first at night club where robots fight, remotely controlled of their creators. To escape troubles at young age, Tadashi, Hiro’s brother, invited him to take a look at the work he does at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. After meeting Tadashi's colleagues - Wasabi, Honey, GoGo & Fred, and seeing what an incredible work they do, Hiro realizes that there’s a much bigger world out there and he can be a part of it. Inspired of what he learned and saw, Hiro decides to apply for a college and participate in a tech fair to represent his knowledge and skills.

When under strange and suspicious circumstances Tadashi dies in an accident, Hiro along with his new friend Baymax, inflatable robot created by his brother, turns to Tadashi colleagues to build the team of heroes called “Big Hero 6” and find out what really happened in their beautiful city.

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The film is filled with funny moments from the beginning to the end. We were laughing till tears and you simply fell in love with Baymax with his innocent intentions always to help and care about you. Of course, everything Baymax says and does is programmed in his system and he is a robot from top to bottom. He becomes a powerful fighter with a chip change and few clicks of the buttons. But I think not martial art techniques or super weapons make hero a real hero. Baymax is the one who cares about you and does everything to make you feel home and happy; he is like a family in one person.

Big Hero 6 in 3D opens in theaters today, do not miss an opportunity to join the adventures of  high-tech heroes Hiro, Baymax, Wasabi, Honey, GoGo & Fred!   

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