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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Find the Freedom to Be You #DependFitFlex

Bladder control issues can be very difficult to talk about when it is related to someone in your family. We experienced so much rejection and unwillingness to discuss the topic with our grandfather at the beginning. How come successful man with brilliant career and always an example to co-workers, family and friends can have this embarrassing condition? It is the situation when you are offering help to someone in need but that person is uncomfortable even to talk about. Sounds familiar?

There are many reasons for bladder control problems especially when we talk about seniors, from reduced muscle strength, an enlarged prostate, stroke, complications from surgery to radiation treatment. Our grandfather is leading an active lifestyle; he travels a lot, goes fishing and camping even during winter time.

No one knows and remembers when our grandfather’s bladder issues started; it appeared slowly and came to the point when it could not be a secret any more, mostly for family members because we live all together.

I am glad that he was smart enough to talk to our grandmother and his doctor to find the right solutions to his bladder issues, including Depend® Underwear. It was very important to start the conversation about bladder problems, and thanks to publications on Depend web site, our grandfather learnt much more about it. He also recommends everyone who has problem with bladder control to watch Depend videos on-line. They feature the stories of real people with bladder control issues and how they managed to overcome them.

With Depend Fit-Flex our grandfather found the confidence and freedom to go where he wants to go, spend week-ends outside and catch his “golden” fish. No one even notices that he wears Depend® Underwear every day. Without it he would not be able to spend the whole day at the lake fishing,  taking a historical trip across the city or play with grandchildren.

Depend Fit Flex

Here are some helpful tips for changing on the go, great for everyone who follows active lifestyle:
  • Carry a Spare. Make a backpack or messenger bag part of your on-the-go look and keep a few other personal items inside (glasses, phone case, jacket, etc) so it makes sense if anyone asks why you're carrying it. Use this bag to carry a change into a public restroom and carry it out to the wastebasket. 
  • Keep plastic bags on hand for disposal. Get the darker grey kind to mask what's inside if you need to toss it out in public. 
  • Keep a bag full of essentials in your trunk. 
  • Wear cargo pants and/or a bulky jacket with an elastic waistband that zips. These clothing items offer a handy way to get from your trunk to a public restroom or from your seat on the plane to the restroom. 
  • If you're wearing Depend® for Men take advantage of the fact that these products are the same size as your wallet, making it easy to put into your pocket and then take into a restroom. 
  • Set a schedule for regular changes 
  • Locate bathrooms ahead of time—especially in places you visit frequently. Planning ahead makes all the difference. 
  • Stock up on Depend® Underwear so upon returning from daily trip or overseas adventures you always have extra packs at home 
  • If you do not like buying Depend® Underwear in store, ask your family member to do it or do it on-line, easy and stress –free 

Life is too short to suffer, break the stigma and change your life filled of embarrassment to the life full of adventures.

Disclosure: I am part of the Depend® Fit-Flex Blogger Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Those are all great tips! It's always a good idea to be prepared!

  2. I am sure it is an uneasy thing to talk about as you get older, but great tips to have!

  3. you are right, life is too short to get slowed down by bladders issues. i am shearing your list of tips good one

  4. Been there done that with the blader control problems. Finially figured it out and healed it. Nice to know there are products to help... Just In Case.

  5. Life is definitely too short! Great to know that these are available. Amber N

  6. When my dad became really ill he started wearing depends for men a few months before he died. They worked really well and I think when we think of adult diapers, depends is usually the first brand we think of.

  7. My mom swears by depends as did my grandma they totally are a good product.

  8. Depends is the only brand I will buy for my dad, who has bladder issues from diabetes.

  9. What a great idea - I wouldn't have any idea where to start in buying anything like this so very useful information.

  10. It is nice to know that their are such helpful products on the market.

  11. Interesting! I didn't know this product existed to tell you the truth. Thank you for the tips!

  12. I think buying them online sounds like a more discreat way to do it.