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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monster Energy AMA Supercross in Toronto

Teddy at Supercross

Another high decibel levels show we had a chance to visit this March. First time at Monster Energy Supercross for us was very exciting and interesting to watch. According to the packed Rogers Center the show is very popular among fans. Being one of the most extreme and dangerous sports Monster Energy Supercross has the best riders from around the world ready to show their skills, high jumps and stunts.

Monster Energy AMA Supercross

The show started with the spectacular introduction of the riders, fabulous visual effects, flames, jumps and turns. Teddy liked maple leaf shaped lights were browsing around the Center.

Supercross Toronto

Then actual racing came to the stage, there were around 17 races with different lengths and styles. I spent my teenage age on a bike but what I saw were really breathtaking– all those jumps, vehicle control and speed. With every race the show became more interesting and stunts more sophisticated. Seeing the show live is much more exciting than on TV and every rider was very skilled to us as there were only few accidents and only insignificant.

Supercross Live

Overall it was an amazing show for the whole family, especially when it is cold outside. Those energetic and speedy races on indoor motocross circuit always cheer you up and entertain everyone from kids to seniors.

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