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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Art Can Change the World for Better #BuyArtNotKids

Kids Art
Nothing can be more precious than art received from kids. It is amazing to see how they express their inner world into drawings, clay or dough creations, little pieces and many other art forms. My boy likes drawing and he does it quite often, sometimes unexpectedly on a plane, before going to bed or while watching a TV. Once he drew a boat on a table cloth with a permanent marker, first we were angry with spoiled table cloth but after looking at that bateau realized that for two years old it was  technically advantageous boat design. And the wall he painted on another time was the perfect canvas to express himself. Now Teddy draws many different things at art school and at home. We always welcome his creations and I can see how sharply he catches subtle details sometimes we do not even notice. Those facial expressions of family members, characters, shapes and colors make us smile, cheer, enjoy and be proud of.
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Can art change the world? Help, support, inspire and give hope? Each year, Buy Art Not Kids (B.A.N.K.) host an art auction to raise funds for Ratanak International, a Canadian charity that rescues and rehabilitates child sex trafficking victims in Cambodia.

This spring, on April 4th, the annual event will be taken place at Havergal College – 1451 Avenue Road, Toronto. It will be a silent art auction hosted by the BANK in partnership with Havergal College to celebrate the connection between art and movement by showcasing art that inspires for a change. The event will feature live music, performance art, raffle prizes, sumptuous food, wine and most importantly a chance to purchase an array of incredible art by notable Canadian artists. Tickets are $75.

If not in the Greater Toronto Area, but interested to help, BANK also accepts donations online. There will also be a Twitter Party with fantastic prizes on March 20th 2014. Hope you join us.


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  1. Oh my goodness, what cuteness! I absolutely adore your son's artwork! Thank you so much for your support. I look forward to partying with you at the Twitter party and hope to see you at the auction!