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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party

Few weeks ago we hosted a Healthy Baby Home Party, just before the holiday rush, moms gathered together to discuss and share thoughts about creating healthy environment for our babies. Among guests we were glad to have a newborn baby, who was happily sleeping all party long.

Healthy Baby Home Party was developed by Seventh Generation in partnership with Healthy Child Healthy World to give moms an opportunity to gather with friends and learn about creating a healthy world for their families. Environmental Defence (Canada’s environmental action organization) has released a report where showing that Canadian babies are exposed to a bunch of harmful chemicals even while in the womb, which cause cancer and other serious medical problems.

Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Party

At the party we played Healthy Home Bingo and watched an award-winning Canadian poet Shane Koyczan’s video “A poem for a Toxin-Free Generation” while kids were playing together and having fun. I talked to the parents and came to the interesting results after discussion. Parents said that they did not follow 100% healthy and natural choices in their life style but since having kids they started paying more attention to the product labels and tend to switch to green alternatives. It was great to learn that parents take steps towards better living and are willing to learn more about toxin-free products.

Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Party Products

Seventh Generation also introduced seven simple tips to live life more toxin free, which were listed in the party books. You probably already know about some of those tips and made them a part of your life:
  • Once a week open all the windows in your house for 5 minutes, bring in some fresh air. 
  • Avoid recycling receipts. They may look like paper but could contain BPA, so just throw receipts into the trash. I first questioned receipts while in Paris, there all shopping receipts I got, listed that they do not contain BPA, assuming that Canadian receipts do have those chemicals. 
  • Use glass containers for lunches and food storage; do not let harmful chemicals leach into the foods from plastic containers. 
  • Choose a good mug for morning drinks, reusable cup or mug is the best choice. 
  • If something gives off a scent that makes you think “Horrible” then it is time to step away and get rid of it. 
  • Get a plant and improve your indoor air quality 
  • “Unscented” is not the same as “Fragrance free”, take a look at the labels and be aware of what’s really inside the stuff you buy. 
I think we did a good job when had a party as one more step toward creating a healthy world for our families and friends. We were also happy to find out that the full range of products of Seventh Generation natural products is available to Canadian customers. You can find free & clear baby diapers, wipes, skin & bath care products, feminine care, plant-based laundry detergents, dish detergents, spray cleaner in stores like Loblaw, Real Canadian Superstores and natural product stores across Canada.

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