.@TeddyOutReady: Our Fall Adventures at Centreville Amusement Park #Centreville4fun

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Fall Adventures at Centreville Amusement Park #Centreville4fun

Centreville is always one of the most interesting places in Toronto. It is located on the island which makes it even more attractive to visit. This month Centreville has multiple opportunities to enjoy fall season: rides, events, farm adventures and attractions.

Centreville Amuzing Race

Last week-end we had a chance to visit Centre Island and participate in many fun activities. At the beginning of September Centreville launched Amuzing Race, a fun themed adventures with family-friendly trivia questions and stops around Centreville Amusement Park and Far Enough Farm. So we picked our Centreville Passport at the tent near Town Hall and our adventures officially started.


Our next stop definitely became Centreville Amusement Park rides because when Teddy saw them he wanted to take them right away. Some tasks in our Amuzing Race included rides so we were on the right track getting stamps and answering trivia questions. It was nice to see how many good rides at the park for little kids of Teddy’s age.


Teddy was flying on buzzing Bumble Bees, took a ride on Antique Carousel, and enjoyed spinning adventure on Aunt Hilde's Twirling Teacups & Beasley Bear Ride.

ANTIQUE CARS Centreville Fire Car Centreville Ford Car Centreville Boat Ride

The most exciting rides were where Teddy was sitting in a driver’s seat like in one of Antique Cars. He had to turn the wheel and push the gas pedal and was driving Fire Engine and Ford Touring Car by himself.

And how without breathtaking rides, sliding down in a log and Monster Coaster with a Dragon ahead was thrilling for all of us.


We also had a good time riding on Centreville Train around the park, waving to visitors and enjoying colorful fall park views.

Centreville Train Centreville Tree

Meeting animals at the Farm was an adventure too, Teddy recognized almost all he saw - pigs, rabbits, a cow, sheep and many others. I think all the kids including Teddy enjoyed pony rides.

Centreville Zoo Centreville Zoo Sheep

We also gave a name “Little Cathy” to a beautiful Cameroon Dwarf goat (everyone can enter this naming contest “Name that Goat” & you could win a Centreville Family Prize Pack)

After taking almost all the rides and visiting Far Enough Farm we finished all the tasks in our Amuzing Race and returned back to Centreville Town Hall to receive our prizes and be eligible to win a Grand Prize – a 2014 Staycation Toronto for a family of four. If you do not have any plans for this week-end you can definitely visit Centre Island,Amuzing Race fun activities continue till September 22 plus you are welcome to take  Centreville Amusement Parks  rides and see all the attractions.

Also great to walk down Cenreville Island to the beaches and see the amazing views of the Lake Ontario. It is getting colder and windier outside but still many beautiful places to visit like Toronto Centre Island and enjoy quickly passing by colorful fall season.

Centreville Colors Centreville Ferry

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  1. This is such a beautiful park and so many fun activities for children. I would love to take the grandkids there!