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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Incredible Shrine Circus Shows in Ontario and Quebec this Summer

Shrine Circus Elephant
In July when Shrine Circus visited us in Vaughan, we had a chance to attend one of the show. The day of the show was rainy and brought some freshness and a relief after hot days. Circus it is always feast and fun, it is the way to be a kid again, watch all amazing stunts performers make and be amazed with acrobats skills and strength. I and my little boy saw circus shows in different countries, and we absolutely loved Shrine Circus which was established in traditional settings, even the tent, where shows are taking place, catch your attention right away.
Shrine Circus Acrobats Shrine Circus Acrobat
The show started with Tigers act, which reminded us Madagascar 2 movie, where tigers’ moves and jumps through the flaming loop were spectacular. Then high flying acrobats, jugglers, Trapeze & Aerial artists showed their best sets. It was exciting and scary to see them on the top performing and making all the moves, especially when they were switching from one side to another, or turning, jumping and purely flying in the air. It was fabulous to see how kids performing during the show, their flexibility and agility were amazing.


There were lots of funny moments and, of course, it was not without the Clown who entertained the audience till the last minute and he called to my mind amusing Mr. Pitkin.

Shrine Circus Juggler Shrine Circus DoubleWheel
Funny and lovely he TARZAN Zerbini performing Elephants were the shows favorites too. It is last month of summer and Shrine Circus continues to give incredible shows across Ontario and Quebec. For the schedule please check here: http://www.shrinecircus.ca/buy-tickets/

Treat yourself and your family, come to see one of the amazing TARZAN Zerbini shows, which marking 250th anniversary of Zerbini Family Circus History.

Shrine Circus Tigers
General Admission $30 per ticket (use promo code "FUN" for 2 for 1 deal) , VIP Ringside $40 per ticket, children 3 and under are free as long as they don’t occupy a seat, seating is not reserved – first come first serve.

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